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5 top art exhibitions in October

By Patrick BenjaminEvents - 17 October 2012 9:00 AM

5 top art exhibitions in October

'Watching the funeral of Pope John Paul II broadcast live from the Vatican', Mark Power; Magnum Photos

With a trio of Magnum photographers, a Turner Prize winner and the first homecoming exhibition of the last APB Foundation Signature People’s Choice Award Winner Michael Lee, a celebration of local experimental art and the solo show of a rising Malaysian artist, this month’s art picks are top-notch.        

If photography rocks your boat …

Outside In: A Magnum Showcase

This compelling photography show is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the 3rd Singapore International Photography Festival. Spanning three galleries, there are 143 photos focusing on deeply personal and passionate projects from Stuart Franklin, Mark Power and Jacob Au Sobol, all members of the globally renowned photography collective Magnum Photos.

Best known for the visual stirring shot of a man defying tanks in 1989’s Tiananmen Square Riots, Stuart Franklin applies his acute observational skills into the natural terrain with ‘Footprint: Our Landscape In Flux’. In the next gallery, 39-year-old Danish lensman Jacob Au Sobol, a recent inductee to Magnum Photos, presents ‘I, Tokyo’, an intimate pictorial diary featuring portraits of the inhabitants and rarely seen backlanes of this bustling metropolis. Shot on a second-hand pocket camera during his stint in Japan from 2006 to 2008, these stills are a far cry from the hyper-modern cityscape that we so often associate with Tokyo.

The final gallery showcases ‘Sound of Two Sounds’, a full-color collection of large format 5x4 images shot in Poland by Mark Power, a 53-year-old British photographer and academic. Based on his Magnum assignment to Poland in 2009, five years after the nation joined the European Union, the evocative photographs reflect the juxtaposition of the nation’s communist past and its new identity in the EU.     

Runs till 6 Jan at ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave. Admission: $6



If you can’t help but be a nosy arty neighbor…


Opening on 19 October, this solo exhibition by 48-year-old London-based Malaysian artist Rajinder Singh features a series of richly textured paintings inspired by his homeland. 

Fresh from his recent exposure to print making in Paris, the emerging artist cleverly employs the use of solvents, acid, fire and routers on canvasses which have been layered with up to 20 layers of paint and assorted fragments. After creating the weathered look, he deploys print and stencil techniques while including personal artifacts such as posters, newspaper clippings and photographs from the places Singh has stayed throughout his life – Malaysia, Singapore, India, Belfast and London.

These nostalgic works serve as a personal ode to his homeland and reflect what it means to be a Malaysian living and working abroad in a globalized world. It also investigates quirky issues and memories that the artist had taken for granted during his growing up years in Malaysia             

Runs till 15 Nov, Chan Hampe Galleries @ Raffles Hotel, #01-20/21, 328 North Bridge Rd. | 6338 1962. Free

If you are fascinated by an iconic artist expressing himself in a new medium…

Beware The Dog

Contemporary art enthusiasts will be piqued by the delectable combination of wit, curiosity and strangeness found in this stellar exhibition of over 70 screen prints and paper-based works created by Turner Prize winning British sculptor Richard Deacon during his five-week residency in STPI.

Richard Deacon talking about his STPI works, part 2

The renowned, abstract public sculptor has worked outside his comfort zone of wood, glazed ceramic and galvanized steel, as he adroitly explored the paper medium to express concepts about the role of artist interference on material and the use of folding as a means of construction.

He artistically reinterprets HDB flats with Housing, a series of vibrantly hued of 3-dimensional folded paper sculptures while the two-dimensional subjects from the ‘Division’, ‘Dog Days’ and ‘Black Friars’ range of screen prints, reflect the continuum of life and how we deal with modern day issues like community engagement and scientific theories to describe our present condition.

With works starting at an affordable $3,000, this is a great opportunity for prudent collectors to snag a delightful creation or two, especially when his iconic sculptures are six-figure affairs.        

Runs till 3 Nov, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, 41 Robertson Quay | 63363663. Free

Prospectus For a Future Body
Prospectus For a Future Body

If you are into celebrating the edgiest homegrown art…

Singapore Intensive

After two recent exhibitions celebrating contemporary Australian art, Future Perfect, an edgy new gallery in the historic art precinct has decided to focus on a local contemporary art group show.

With the quartet of Choy Ka Fai, Song-Ming Ang, Andrée Weschler and Charles Lim in the program, this is going to be on the agenda for all local art aficionados.

Each artist has a two-week stint to showcase provocative works incorporating mix of performance, video art, site-specific installation and photography.

Opening on 19 October, this homegrown celebration begins with multi-disciplinary artist Choy Ka Fai, offering a four- part, mixed-media work called ‘Prospectus For a Future Body’. Don’t forget to pop by the gallery on October 20 from 3pm to 5pm for a special-in-conversation with the artists and curators.            

Runs till 9 Dec, Future Perfect, #01-22  Gillman Barracks, 47 Malan Rd | 98358271. Free


Serial Instinct
Adelphi Hotel

If you have a penchant for conceptual art inspired by architecture…

Serial Instinct

In his first exhibition since commencing a year-long residency at Berlin’s prestigious Kunstlerhaus Bethanienin May, critically acclaimed local artist Michael Lee alongside Royal College of Art Research Fellow, Richard Caldicott, present a joint show opening on 31 October.

Curated by Tolla Sloane, these specially commissioned works on show continue the duo’s fascination with Rothkosque serialization into their “art as architecture” explorations with lines and forms.

Punters can expect a feast of medium sized acrylic paintings inspired by the floor plans of both real and imagined buildings from Lee while Caldicott delivers a series of abstract works on paper referencing his interest in Modernist architecture and Minimalist music. 

Runs till 30 Nov, Give Art Space, 65 Spottiswoode Park Rd |90054850. Free