5 ways OPPO's newest technologies will solve smartphone usage problems

By Kurt GanapathyEvents - 01 April 2016 8:00 AM

5 ways OPPO's newest technologies will solve smartphone usage problems

Everyone has their smartphone pet peeves, from long charging times to poor battery life and underperforming cameras. But while you fret about these inconveniences, OPPO is busy tackling them head on to deliver a better smartphone experience. Here are 5 ways OPPO’s latest technologies will rectify everyday usage problems.

Super VOOC

1. You’ll recharge your phone faster than ever before

With our on-the-go lives, we can’t afford to wait around for our phones to charge the way we once did. OPPO led the field of fast charging solutions with their VOOC Flash Charge and they’ve taken things to the next level with Super VOOC Flash Charge.

With this new system, you’ll get 10 hours of talktime with a five-minute charge and a 0% to 100% charging time of just 15 minutes (2500mAh battery). Simply put, it’s the fastest smartphone charging technology in the world.

No overheating

2. You won’t face overheating issues while charging

Overheating can be a problem while your phone recharges, but with Super VOOC Flash Charge, you won’t have to worry about it. Its safe, low-temperature algorithm means you can watch HD videos or play games at the same time.

Smart Sensor

3. No more low-light camera struggles

Using a smartphone camera in low-light conditions can be challenging and often near-impossible. With SmartSensor Image Stabilization, however, it’s a breeze. SmartSensor means longer exposure times are easier to use, making for clearer and brighter images.

4. Better battery performance while taking photos

We’re all guilty of taking too many photos on our travels or at special events, but batteries can drain very quickly in these trigger-happy moments. SmartSensor uses a voltage-driven sensor that reduces power consumption to as low as 10mW. This is 50 times less than the power consumption of lens-based solutions. Feel free to snap away!

No overheating while shooting

5. No overheating while you shoot

If you’ve used your camera for an extended period of time, particularly while outdoors, you’ve probably faced overheating issues. This can render a phone unusable for a long period of time – a nightmare for photographers. Thanks to the low power consumption of SmartSensor’s fine-tuned micro-electro mechanical system (MEMS), temperatures are kept low and image quality is preserved – even during long shooting sessions.

These innovations are coming your way with OPPO products slated for release later this year. To find out more, visit the OPPO website (