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Get your freak on: 6 horror movies to watch

By Zaki JufriMovies - 27 October 2014 7:27 PM | Updated 7:30 PM

Get your freak on: 6 horror movies to watch

This year’s cache of horror movies is studded with scary fare.

In 2014 so far, we have seen movies such as subterranean found-footage film 'As Above, So Below', the exorcism-meets-'Law And Order' flick 'Deliver Us From Evil', and the unnerving 'The Quiet Ones'.

Now with Halloween just around the corner, the cinemas will once again be full of horror offerings to satisfy your search for cheap thrills.

Jason Blum, producer of horror films such as 'The Purge' and 'Insidious', said, "As a filmmaker who makes scary movies, the fall season is a good time to be in business, especially around Halloween."

Here in Singapore, 'Annabelle' made a killing at the box office, raking in S$2.8 million so far as the highest-grossing horror film here, surpassing even 'The Conjuring', the original movie from which it is spun-off.

'Ouija' (Now showing)

If you know your horror movie, you would know that you should never ever play with an Ouija board because you never know who or what you’re contacting.

Starring ‘The Bates Motel’s’ Olivia Cooke, the movie follows teenager Laine, who decides to seek answers from the spiritual world with the help of an Ouija board after her best friend Debbie dies mysteriously, but of course, she summons something far more sinister in doing that.

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With the help of her boyfriend Trevor (Daren Kagasoff), her younger sister Sarah (Ana Coto), her friend Isabelle (Bianca Santos), and Debbie's boyfriend Pete (Douglas Smith), Laine sets out to discover the identity of the board’s spirit, what it wants, and whatever secrets Debbie's house holds. Let’s just say that some things should just be left unsaid.

'Horns' (Opens 30 October 2014)

Ever since he graduated from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Daniel Radcliffe’s career has taken on an interesting turn. The 25-year-old actor has acted in a mix of horror and dramatic roles in movies such as ‘The Woman in Black’ and ‘Kill Your Darlings’. He is also tipped to play Igor in ‘Victor Frankenstein’.

In his latest outing, Radcliffe turns “horny” as he takes on Alexandra Aja’s fantasy-horror flick ‘Horns’. He plays Ig, a man who after being accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend, wakes up one morning to find he has grown two horns, which give him the ability to coax out people's darkest secrets. He uses this new ability to drive people to confess sins – a skill he uses to track down his girlfriend's true murderer. The movies also stars Juno Temple, Heather Graham and James Remar.

'SX Tape' (Opens 30 October 2014)

Ever since ‘The Blair Witch Project’ jumpstarted a new genre back in 1996, filmmakers still have not run out of steam with the “horror found-footage movie” concept. It was only a matter of time then that this idea found footing: a found-footage movie with a plot centred around a sex tape.

‘SX Tape’, directed by ‘Candyman’ director Bernard Rose and ‘Paranormal Activity’ producer Steven Schneider, follows aspiring visual artist Jill (Caitlyn Folley) and her videographer boyfriend (Ian Duncan) as their harmless sex games turn much darker when they break into a boarded-up former hospital, looking for a space for a new gallery show.

As they investigate the building’s ominous rooms and passageways, a seductive prank, meaning to arouse and terrify, goes terribly wrong – and what is discovered will destroy them both.

'The Canal' (Opens 6 November 2014)

Directed by Ivan Kavanagh, ‘The Canal’ stars Rupert Evans (‘Hellboy’) as David, a film archivist who unearths historical footage revealing his home to be the location of a horrific, turn-of-the-century murder. He dismisses it at first, until the sinister history ripples into the present and a looming secret shatters his marriage. That is when he suspects the dark spirits of the house are somehow involved. In his drive to confront the lurking evil, David begins to descend into insanity, threatening the lives of everyone around him.

'Seventh' (Opens 6 November 2014)

Chinese tradition the soul of the departed returns to “pay a visit” to the family seven days after the person's death. This becomes the premise of the upcoming ‘Seventh’, a horror movie starring Singapore actress Mindee Ong, Taiwanese actor Gino Tsai and Malaysians actors Teddy Kim and Kim Thian.

The movie tells the story of two friends who want to win an online photography contest themed “Supernatural”. The duo make their way to a well-known haunted mansion in hopes of capturing the hantu susu because legend has it that the ghost haunted this particular mansion. Little did they know they were in for a week-long adventure when the mansion’s caretaker dies unexpectedly and they have to do a vigil for seven nights.

'Jessabelle' (Opens 13 November 2014)

Australian actress Sarah Snook (‘Sleeping Beauty’) plays Jessie, a young woman who returns to her childhood home in Louisiana after a car accident. There, she tries to cope with her crippling injuries that have left her legs immobile, when a furious spirit begins to torment her. Mark Webber (no relation to real-life Formula One race driver) plays a childhood friend who helps her uncover some shocking family secrets. Written by Robert Ben Garant and helmed by ‘Saw 3D’ director Kevin Greutert.