8 types of selfies you should stop taking in 2016

By InSing WriterEvents - 09 March 2016 4:44 PM

8 types of selfies you should stop taking in 2016

When it comes to selfies, there’s a fine line between what’s hot and what’s not. With the new OPPO F1, you’ll always stay on the right side of that line. Here are eight selfies styles you should ditch in 2016.

1. The Look-What’s-Behind-Me Selfie

You can take a selfie and take a photo of something interesting/weird/cool, just don’t try to do both at the same time! With the OPPO F1’s 8MP front camera and 13MP rear camera, you’ll capture both shots perfectly.

2. The Filtered Selfie

Nothing screams try hard more than an over filtered selfie. With the OPPO F1’s Beautify 3.0 mode, stressing over filters and edits to manipulate subpar selfies is a thing of the past.


3. The Flattering Lighting Selfie

Flattering lighting used to be essential to #humblebrag (#toofat #ughfat #fatkid #fatselfie) your way to compliments. Not anymore. With the OPPO F1’s ultra-clear 8MP front camera, wide f/2.0 aperture and patented Screen Flash technology, you will always look your best.


4. The Where-Are-My-Eyes Selfie

There’s no shortage of spammy and ineffective apps out there to help give the innocent, wide-eyed look. With Beautify 3.0, your eyes will automatically look bigger and look like you're perpetually smizing or in mid-blink.


5. The Driving Selfie

Keep your eyes on the road! Save the selfies for the parking lot.

6. Public Transport Selfie

Haven’t you not noticed all the weird stares from your fellow commuters?


7. The Bathroom Selfie

We get it, the lighting is good in the bathroom, but with OPPO's Screen Flash technology, you carry the best light with you wherever you go.


8. The Original Selfie

Why take a selfie alone when you can take one with… yourself? Two is better than one, so make the most of the OPPO F1’s Double Exposure function.

The OPPO F1 ($429) is currently available in gold with the rose gold version arriving later this month. Experience it for yourself at OPPO Concept Stores, all M1, Singtel and StarHub stores, and