[ADV] 9 #SelfieProblems you can wave goodbye to with the OPPO R9

By inSing EditorEvents - 11 May 2016 9:12 AM | Updated 2:06 PM

[ADV] 9 #SelfieProblems you can wave goodbye to with the OPPO R9

Rear-facing cameras on smartphones get better every year, with upgrades to both hardware and software changing the way we capture images of our world. Yet, front-facing cameras have never quite improved at the same pace. Until now. The OPPO R9 is set to help you take your selfie game to the next level, so get ready to say goodbye to these #SelfieProblems. 

1. Low-Quality Selfies

How many times have you ended up with a selfie that was too dark and/or pixelated? The OPPO R9 solves this problem with its custom-built 16MP front-facing Hi-Light Camera featuring an exclusive sensor that functions effectively in low-light conditions. Paired with Screen Flash technology that turns your phone display into a camera flash, selfies will never be the same again. 

2. The Need for Extensive Editing

Beautify 4.0

We’ve all been guilty of spending too much time editing our selfies before we upload them. With Beautify 4.0, however, you get automatic blemish removal, seven levels of colour intensity and tone, and 10 real time in-built camera filters. With the OPPO R9, you can snap a selfie, do a quick edit, upload it quickly and continue enjoying the moment.

3. Losing Your Grip 


Getting the perfect selfie or wefie sometimes requires a serious stretch, and it can be hard to keep a firm grip on your phone while you’re reaching out. It’s the story behind many shattered phone screens. Not a problem with the OPPO R9. You’ll always have a comfortable grip on it thanks to its non-slippery metallic surface, perfected with 68 polishing processes.


4. Trying to Find the Perfect Lighting

Taking selfies at night can be trick especially when in a low-light setting dotted with bright backlights, it’s hard to find a balance. Not with the OPPO R9. Its exclusive patented camera sensor adjusts sensitivity automatically, accounting for incoming light and reducing noise.


5. Having Trouble Finding the Shutter Button

The OPPO R9’s palm and touch shutter modes allow you to take selfies easily and conveniently.


6. Fitting Everyone into Your Wefie

With the OPPO R9’s ability to capture 120 degree wide-angle selfie panoramas, you’ll be able to fit everyone in the frame without external wide/fish-eye lenses (and without having to squeeze too much!).


7. Running Out of Battery at the Perfect Selfie Spot


What a nightmare! You’ve found the selfie spot of your dreams and your phone’s battery is flat. Not to worry, with the OPPO R9’s VOOC Flash Charge system, you’ll get that battery from 0 to 75% in just 30 minutes.


8. Running Out of Memory

Selfie kings and queens know this problem well. The OPPO R9 boasts 64GB of memory, expandable up to 128GB, so snap away!


9. Finding Fresh Selfie Ideas

Feeling like your selfies are all starting to look the same? The OPPO R9 helps you embrace your creative side with 10 camera filters and a double exposure function for those more creative selfies.
The OPPO R9 ($649) is available in Gold and Rose Gold (launching early June) at OPPO Concept Stores, all M1, Singtel and StarHub stores, and the OPPO online store.