9 types of selfies you see in Singapore

By InSing WriterEvents - 09 March 2016 4:43 PM

9 types of selfies you see in Singapore


Even if we don’t flood social media feeds with an endless series of identical photos, everyone enjoys a bit of selfie time every now and then – whether it’s for a confidence-boosting Instagram update, a Snapchat for that special someone or just to make sure your hair isn’t all over the place. And with an OPPO phone, you’ll elevate your selfie game to the next level. Here are nine types of selfies made better by the new OPPO F1.

1. Act Cute/Sexy Selfie

With an 8MP front camera, an #OPPOSelF1e sweeps away the rest of the Act Cute competition.

2. Less that perfect Wefie 

So you snapped a wefie with your other half and realised later on that maybe he/she didn't look yhrit best. Avoid the death stare and set Beautify 3.0 to work immediately so you won't outshine him/her.

3. Photobomb Selfie

What’s more fun than stealing the limelight with a well-timed photobomb? For all you pranksters, the quick and accurate Phase Detection Auto Focus will ensure you don’t appear as a blurry blob.

4. Pet Selfie

Because the OPPO F1’s camera will give your beloved pet the glamorous portraits it deserves.

5. Gym Selfie

With all the hard work you spend toning and sculpting your body, you deserve an 8MP front camera and a 13MP rear camera (for those mirror shots) to capture the hard earned results in the most flattering way possible.

6. No Make-Up Selfies

Because who needs make-up when you have Beautify 3.0?

7. Foodie Selfies

Having dinner in a dimly-lit restaurant? Don’t worry. The OPPO F1’s Screen Flash will make sure your selfie has the perfect lighting.

8. In Love Selfies

For those oh-so-romantic couple moments, Beautify 3.0 will make you look like A-list celebrities.

9. Travel Selfies

Whether you’re in front of the Eiffel Tower, on a misty Balinese mountaintop or simply lazing on the beach, the OPPO F1’s 8MP front camera with f/2.0 aperture will capture the experience in full detail. Add the 13MP rear camera and 50MP Ultra HD mode for scenery photos and you’ll be able to create incredible jealousy-inducing images.

The OPPO F1 ($429) is currently available in gold with the rose gold version arriving later this month. Experience it for yourself at OPPO Concept Stores, all M1, Singtel and StarHub stores, and