A Boy’s Journey in Voyage de La Vie

By EditorEvents - 04 April 2011 9:39 AM | Updated 5:08 PM

A Boy’s Journey in Voyage de La Vie

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 You know him as the runner up as runner-up in Singapore Idol 2006 but Jonathan Leong has run off to the circus and is starring as the main protagonist who goes on a journey of self-discovery amazing production.

We caught up with the talented artiste where he talks to us about his circus experience, working with amazing talent and juggling! (Also, don’t miss our review of the highlights.)

Hi Jonathan! In your own words, how would you describe Voyage de La Vie?

It’s a roller coaster ride that begins from a very stark, stifled and uniform office setting to a wonderful world of mystery, fantasy, joy and love. It tells a great story and has a very positive message: Life is not about getting where you want to go but about the experiences that you pick up and learn as an individual while you make your way. To borrow a quote from John Lennon, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” This is the message that Voyage de La Vie sends out and this is what my character goes through and learns.

Can you tell us a little bit about the journey ‘The Boy’ goes through during the performance?

My character, “The Boy” is the protagonist in the story. He starts off as an office drone in a job that he hates and he believes that he is made for something more. Little did he know that there is another world besides his own; he gets transported into this magical, fantasy world where he encounters various characters that put him through different situations and challenges, each one signifying a lesson in life: friendship, love, death, and conflict. At the end of his journey he realizes that living a beautiful life is just to experience the journey and hang on for the ride.

How is it like working with such an international cast?

It’s always been my dream to work with people around the world. I’ve always wanted to find work abroad and experience the entertainment scene on a larger scale and being on this production gives me just that. I’ve the privilege to work with the very best and learn plenty on the job. My peers are an inspiration to me. It’s a thing of beauty that, as a team, from cast, musician and production crew to everyone else behind the scenes, every one of us feels so much for our work that with every performance, we want to give you everything we’ve got.

Have there been any new tricks or skills you've managed to learn off your co-stars?

I guess the most tangible things that I learnt will be some basic tumble track skills and basic gymnastics, and I’m still working on them. Singing 7 shows a week has definitely helped my vocals progress to a whole new level and I’m very happy with that. I have also successfully learnt how to juggle 3 balls a few weeks back so that was a nice treat for me.

Tell us why we the show is an absolute must-see.

Voyage de La Vie is entertainment at its finest. It’s a seamless blend of art; beautiful songs, great circus acts, technical wizardry and an inspiring story. From the time the show begins to the second when the curtain falls, the audience will be taken on a journey they will not forget and the best part is that it will bring a huge smile to their faces.

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