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A Little Bit of Heaven: Not Even An Inch

By Zul AndraMovies - 19 September 2011 12:32 PM | Updated 1:46 PM

A Little Bit of Heaven: Not Even An Inch

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Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars

If there’s anything that Kate Hudson should be typecast in, it would be in the department of awkward and ironic characters set in a messy situation.

In Something Borrowed, she is Darcy who treats her best friend Rachel like a punching bag, steals her crush Dex, marries him and ended up with Rachel sleeping with him and keeping secrets. In My Best Friend’s Girl as Alexis, she’s breaks up with well-natured Dustin who hires his roommate Tank to help them get back together. But as Kate Hudson would have it, her character Alexis falls in a complicated romantic situation with Tank.

Then there’s Bride’s War, You, Me and Dupree, Fool’s Gold and adolescents’ all-time favourite: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. If she was real, we would have slapped the annoyance out of her, but it is real tough when she’s all ignorantly do-eyed and says things like, “I didn’t mean it.”


In her latest awkward and ironic adventure A Little Bit of Heaven, she plays Marley Corbett, a free-spirited, intelligent, New Orleans advertising executive whose only incarnation of love is that either of a sellable product or a fairy-tale that doesn’t exist. Having won her agency a valuable contract for a condom brand, she later finds out that she has terminal cancer.

That got to really suck.

We know what you think. Here’s Marley, dying of cancer, does not believe in love and is a constant bundle of denial. Something has got to give, and that something is quite expectedly a dashing doctor who’s not only out to help her but also to give her a dose of love’s potion along the way.

Who would have thought?

The dashing Dr Julian Goldstein is played by Gael Garcia Bernal, who in real life is an upcoming art house actor. To add credibility to the film, first time screenwriter Gren Wells (whose last writing endeavour was 2001 MTV Movie Awards) gave Marley a premonitory vision of God played by Whoopi Goldberg. Look, just because Morgan Freeman did a Godly job in the Almighty series, doesn’t mean Whoopi would be able to do the same; which she doesn’t.

The plot and storyline had no depth and the characters didn’t complement each other. Heart-tugging one-liners were used as a tool to tug hearts for the sake of it. Like when Julian told Marley that: “I’ve never met anyone who talks so much, and says so little.” That sounds like it was taken off a chorus of a song from some obscure band in New Orleans.

A Little Bit of Heaven is an assortment of romance, comedy, and melodrama, packaged in a cheap bag of cheesiness and delivered in one cliché after the other. Nothing about it was heavenly, not even a little bit.