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A Musical Triple Threat: Múm, Wavves & Shelves live at Zouk

By Kevin HoEvents - 03 June 2013 5:36 PM

A Musical Triple Threat: Múm, Wavves & Shelves live at Zouk

What do Iceland, California, and Singapore have in common? Other than being niche hubs for rising musicians, these far-apart countries all easily evoke a distinct visual landscape to the wandering mind.

The realm of Iceland appeals with its swirling aura of mystery and fantasy, the California soul drones one in with its lazy beaches and surf-soaked lifestyle, while Singapore reveals a workaholic metropolis that bustles above a secretly desire to let go and be free.

And for one night only at Zouk on 15 June, 8pm, you can experience these vibes through the untamed medium of live music, brought to you by three uniquely different bands bringing good tidings from their homeland.  

‘(She Wakes Up To) The Beat’ - Shelves

Opening the evening will be Singaporean youngsters at heart, Shelves. In contrast to the surge of local musicians consisting of young adults and bored students, the foursome is a band made up of life-wearied dads and veterans. But despite their seasoned look, Shelves rocks it out as wildly (if not more genuinely) as any other outfit years shy of their age. And their music exudes no less, translating timeless pop-rock hooks and melodies, influenced by the likes of Pixies and Weezer, into a wholesome Singaporean context. And with their debut LP released just last year which includes infectiously playful single ‘(She Wakes Up To) The Beat’, Shelves is quickly becoming a household name proving that age and conformity are no barriers.

‘King of the Beach’ - Wavves

With your limbs all warmed up and feet tapping on autopilot, Californian-bred Wavves follow up with their grungy and dishevelled antics which have made critics yelling for more. Imagine distortion-fuzzed guitars with hazy crooning and you have pretty much a spot-on impression of Nathan Williams’ pet project he began five years ago. He has made waves (pun intended) since then with four LPs up to date, with ‘Afraid of Heights’recently released in March this year. Wavves’ sounds may perhaps be best heard chilling on a beach with your ankles submerged in sand, but be sure that when they take the stage, being lazy goes off the menu as they show you why they’re kings of the beach.  

‘Green Grass of Tunnel’ - Múm         

And lastly the haze will clear for one of an ethereally different kind as Múm (pronounced as ‘moom’) cascades onto the stage all the way from magical Iceland. If you fancy a taste for the unconventional and big band bravado, then Múm (like their equally courageous comrades Sigur Rós) is not an act that will disappoint. With the makings of a mini-orchestra, Múm combines strings, horns, melodicas, and even synthesized bleeps and bloops to create a jubilant pairing of sound and visual.

It presents the perfect ending to the trio of musical acts; a soaring cosy climax to the sheer ferocity of the preceding two artists. So toss away your passports and jet boots, and let this triple-bill concert take you on a trip around the world.

Múm, Wavves & Shelves Concert at Zouk | Date: 15 Jun | Time: 8pm | Venue: Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim Street | Tickets: $80 from