Aaron Kwok returns to Singapore in September

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 26 June 2012 1:12 PM

Aaron Kwok returns to Singapore in September

Asia’s King of Pop is back to blow your minds away with his elaborate stage designs, costumes and powerhouse vocals. If you haven’t already guessed who it is, it’s Aaron Kwok. He will be morphing the Singapore Indoor Stadium into his very own transforming stage on 8 September, 8pm.

Here’s some good news to those who missed his concert four years back; it’s bigger and better than before.

Singing and choreographing to songs like ‘Loving you Forever’, ‘Four Heavenly Kings’ (which earned him fame and multiple awards) and even starring in movies such as Hong Kong’s ‘Para Para Sakura’, Aaron shows his talented side and proves his performing abilities, as if we even need any proof.

‘De Showy Masquerade World Tour Concert’ – his concert title – sounds promising, and from the details we have, it will certainly live up to its name.

The centrepiece of the show, however, will definitely be the 'Transformer' stage, which costs a cool $2 million. With 21 lifting mechanisms and its ability to morph into eight different shapes, the aptly-named stage is the first of its kind and promises to blow fans' minds away.

A fancam recording of Aaron Kwok’s De Showy Masquerade World Tour Concert

Aaron Kwok has gained fame not just in the music industry, but also in the Guinness World Records as the largest indoor revolving stage that was ever constructed. This year is no different, Aaron is going to make history once again with his new ‘Transformer’ stage that can morph into a whooping eight different shapes!

Even if you’re not a diehard fan of his music (but still interested in the dashing singer), you should at least use the morphing stage as an excuse to head on down to watch his energetic performances that has, to date, never let audiences down.

Of course, the best has yet to come; Aaron will be ‘flying’ for all to see with the use of trampolines and more. We’re not going to spoil it all for you; you’ll just have to go check it out yourself if you want to find out more.

Aaron Kwok’s De Showy Masquerade World Tour Concert is on 8 September. Grab your tickets now at $88, $138, $188 & $238 at all Sistic outlets. Prices exclude $3 SISTIC booking fee.