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Creative kick-off at the ACE Festival Lite! 2013

By Debbie NgEvents - 03 June 2013 12:08 PM | Updated 4:29 PM

Creative kick-off  at the ACE Festival Lite! 2013

As mid-year exams draw to a close, your children are either spending the last few nights squinting at their notes to muster what’s left of their brain juices, or dreaming about what they’ll be able to do after yet another stressful exam period. Take a load off their little shoulders – if they are between ages 3 to 14 – with this year’s ACE! Festival, happening through 8 June.

Promising ‘Arts and Creativity for Everyone’, this year’s ACE Festival Lite! sees a streamlined version of the annual family festival, with two brand new productions by artistic director Brian Seward, exciting workshops and free storytelling sessions. For both the young and the young at heart, you’ll be able to let your hair down and spend time with your kids without one of them bugging you for your iPhone so they can complete level 124 on Candy Crush.

The Enormous Turnip (through 8 June | Time: Mon-Thu 9.30am, 11.30am & 2.30pm; Sat 10.30am, 2pm, 4pm | Venue: Alliance Francaise Theatre, Sarkies Road) is a fast paced and interactive play designed for your younger tots, with a clear moral message for everyone. Eek the Mouse’s dream is to be noticed, even though his stature doesn’t help him. Diggory the Gardener, on the other hand, aspires to win prizes for his vegetables. Then, in his garden, a turnip grows – and grows – and grows. Just what will he do with it?

The second production, called The Magic Porridge Pot (through 7 June | Time: Mon-Thu 9.30am, 11.30am & 2.30pm; Sat 10.30am, 2pm, 4pm | Venue: Alliance Francaise Theatre, Sarkies Road) , is about a caring village girl who wants to help her fellow hungry villagers. She meet an old woman who gives her a pot that would be filled with glorious, nourishing porridge after she says “Cook, little pot, cook!” But, the story doesn’t end there. The energetic show with a plot filled with surprises will be an enjoyable one for your family.

Arts workshops exclusively for school groups will also be running throughout the festival, including creative hand and finger painting techniques, expressive ceramic figurines and texture rubbings amongst others. Students will be encouraged to think and discuss about the issues aired during the two performances and use art techniques to explore and communicate their ideas.

If your children are bored of their collection of storybooks back home, the free storytelling performances by Artistic Expressions will refresh their minds. Called Which Way To Silly Street?, its endless selection of merriments means you’ll enjoy 20 minutes away from the real world, and into Silly Street’s zany world.

ACE! Festival was conceived by I Theatre, a non-profit family-oriented theatre company, with the aim of celebrating and simulating creativity and artistry in children aged 3 to 14 and their families. Families are in for a wonderful collision of art, creativity and bonding this June holiday.

ACE! Festival | Date: Through 8 May | Time: Various | Venue: Alliance Francaise Theatre, Sarkies Rd.