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Act 3 children’s theatre season is back!

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 15 February 2012 5:00 PM | Updated 28 February 2012

Act 3 children’s theatre season is back!

Treat your little ones to an engaging theatre performance that promises to be energetic and imaginative, prompting little ones to ‘ignite the fire of imagination’!

ACT 3 international and Lyngo Theatre Company are proud to present two plays: Hansel & Gretel(Feb 28-Mar 4; ages 4 and above) and Egg and Spoon(mar 6-11; ages 1 to 4)!

Above: Highlights from previous Hansel & Gretel shows

Hansel & Gretel is a popular tale about two famished siblings who were abandoned and left to wander hungrily around a dark forest. They chanced upon a delicious looking house made of candies but their excitement soon dies down as they realise that the house was occupied by a pair of children-eating witches.

Watch the award-winning piece that was first produced in Italy!

If Hansel & Gretel sounds too terrifying for your child, how about Egg and Spoon? Although the name sounds a little strange for a story of magical celebration of the wonders of nature, it will take your children through an incredible journey of the four seasons! Come join Percy and April in their comfy, cozy circle where you’ll celebrate the delights of nature together in this soft and squishy interactive adventure. Peek-a-boo puddles, fluffy snowflakes, cherry blossoms bursting into full bloom and other splendiferous surprises bring the seasons to life. Gently chirping birds and drippy-droppy rain sounds add to the ambiance, and give way to a butterfly dance party and a rock ‘n' roll lullaby. Share the wonder as the egg finally hatches and Birdie emerges to greet the world. What a magical way to spend time with your own little chickadee! 

Since Singapore only has one season – Summer, let your children immerse themselves in Egg and Spoon to experience all four seasons in one play!

Get your tickets now at all Sistic outlets:

Weekdays - S$25 per child or adult; S$85 for a Family Pack of 4 tickets to the same show at the same time

Weekend - S$28 per child or adult; S$95 for a Family Pack of 4 tickets to the same show at the same time