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Action! Adventure! Documentaries! And all in French?

By EditorEvents - 21 September 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 06 October 2010

Action! Adventure! Documentaries! And all in French?

While most of us don’t immediately think of films when it comes to all things French, the Singapore French Film Festival (SFFF) has been bringing little touches of the arts, history, culture and daily lives of the French to Singaporeans.


There’s plenty for you to watch this year, especially with a tribute to Jean-Pierre Melville during the festival. He became known for his tragic, minimalist film noirs which included Le Samourai  (The Samurai) and Le cercle rouge (The Red Circle). His use of ‘reporting’ style film-making, often using real locations, was a major influence on the French New Wave film movement.



Le cercle rouge


La Question Humaine


What can’t you miss?

You won’t want to miss these award-winning films – La Question Humaine(Heartbeat Detector), Welcome, L’Heure d’ete (Summer Hours) and Soudain le vide (Enter the Void).


Other films to catch

Opening the festival will be Luc Besson’s Les Aventures Extraordinaries de Adele Blanc-Dec(The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec, which is based on the 1970s graphic novels of Jacques Tardi, where Adele Blanc-Sec, a novelist of popular fiction turns to investigative journalism to research and delve into the world of crime. There are plenty of adventures in this humorous film.



Les Aventures Extraordinaries




On the other spectrum, Petit Nicholas (Little Nicholas) by Laurent Tirard will be closing the SFFF. Nicholas’ world is turned upside down when he overhears that his mother is pregnant! Suddenly he envisions that his parents will no longer take care of him and will eventually abandon him in a forest.


For a full listing of the films showing, click here.

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The Singapore French Festival is on from Sept 30 – Oct 10 2010 at the Alliance Francaise.