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Ali G's 5 best interviews

By Wang DexianMovies - 05 June 2012 1:35 PM | Updated 6:08 PM

Ali G's 5 best interviews

Sacha Baron Cohen's newest movie ‘The Dictator’ is almost out now and true to form, he's been making his rounds in public as the character, Admiral General Hafez Aladeen, benevolent oppressor of the fictional country Republic of Wadiya.

Before he became Aladeen though, Cohen portrayed a number of characters Ali G, Borat and Bruno on his hit HBO show, ‘Da Ali G Show’.

While Borat and Bruno specialised in word on the street segments which often showed the worst sides of people, Ali G, his suburban white boy character on the other hand, interviewed politicians, celebrities and public figures with a brand of off-kilter journalism that mixed absurdity and political incorrectness of every kind, the interviews often ending with an embarrassing confession by his subjects.

Here are some of his greatest hits. Respect.


Victoria/David Beckham

“So, do you want him to grow up to be a footballer like his dad... or a singer, like Mariah Carey?” - Ali G

In quite possibly the most famous Ali G interview, Ali G interviews Britain's premier couple at the height of their stardom in the early 2000s. Ali throws in a few digs at Posh's vocal abilities, and Becks' fashion sense amongst many other inappropriate questions about their sex life. The two guests laugh throughout and the interview is a cracker.


Buzz Aldrin (Second man to walk on the moon)

In this interview, Ali displays trademark ignorance by asking if it would be possible to walk on the Sun and if Buzz was ever jealous of Neil Armstrong or Michael Jackson for claiming credit for the Moonwalk. To cap it all off, Ali calls him “Buzz Lightyear” at the end. Booyakasha!


Boutros Boutros-Ghali (Former Secretary-General of the UN)

Ali G's knack for asking the worst possible questions shine evidently in this interview with Boutros Boutros-Ghali, where he asks why Disneyland isn't in the UN and even manages to coax a detailed response out of Ghali. Additionally, he tries to get Ghali to admit which language he finds to be hilarious, drawing an embarrassed response from the Sec-Gen.


Andy Rooney (of 60 Minutes fame)

Ali manages to stress grumpy old Andy Rooney with his hip-hop slang, prompting an instant grammar lesson from Rooney. Ali hilariously tries to blame it on the “British-American” thing which incenses Rooney even more. The interview takes a turn for the worse when Ali asks Rooney about the concept of “future news” - the early leaking of news by accident. Rooney gets up and leaves and Ali calls him a “racialist”, to which Rooney quickly corrects as “racist”.

The joke's on Rooney however, as the word “racialist” does exists.


John Sennett (President of the FBI Agents Association)

Ali basically gets Sennett to admit that violent interrogation happen... though not nearly as often as Ali thinks it does. Further comedy ensues while Ali fails to grasp the concept of examples as Sennett tries desperately to explain to him the concept of FBI informants and third-degree murder to no avail.

‘The Dictator’ opens in theatres everywhere 14 June

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