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All hail the King (of Mando-pop)

By inSing.com EditorEvents - 20 July 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 16 September 2010

All hail the King (of Mando-pop)

If you’ve missed out on the opportunity to snag some Jay Chou tickets, fret not, there are still plenty of exciting things to do after hours from July 23-25.


Jay Chou World Tour

Jay Chou needs no introduction. The undisputed darling of the Mando-pop world descends on our shores again to commemorate 10 full years of reigning at the top.  Fusing R & B, rock and pop in a unique manner that has garnered him international superstardom, Jay Chou goes one step further to transform his performance into a visually spectacular treat. Coupled with complicated and tightly-choreographed dance routines, this is one rock concert you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Friday and Sunday only, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets from $98 to $228.


Poptart T-shirt launch party

You’ve seen the tees, now come celebrate with the creators. The organizers for poptart have collaborated with local retail outlets, Praise and The Corner Shop, to launch a T-shirt series which incorporates Poptart’s tagline ‘Never Lose That Feeling’ in three unique designs. The T-shirt launch party will be held at Fash

Saturday July 24 only, at the Butter Factory.


Roulette City screening

Roulette City tells the tale of Tak, who tries to make some winnings in Macau with his uncle to pay for his mother’s impending operation. Their initial wins turn into losses with the re-introduction of Wynnie, who used to be with Tak. A local policeman becomes involved and his sister gets drawn into the intrigue. Where will Tak’s true loyalties lie?

Until August 13, at Sinema Old School.


The Lost and the Ecliptic

Camouflage hides a myriad of appearances, as unveiled by this performance. Through the use of the metaphor of an insect in camouflage, the production unravels the differences between how certain individuals appear to society, as opposed to the persons they really are in private.

Until August 5, at the Esplanade Theatre Studio. Tickets at $25.


New Palette of Sounds concert

An appropriate close to the Singapore Youth Festival, conductor Quek Ling Kiong helms his competent musicians in both familiar and exotic tunes such as Jasmine, The Good Old Days of Shun and Yao, and also Nam-do Arirang.

Sunday July 25 only, at the Singapore Conference Hall. Tickets at $12.