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‘All In Good Time’ : Weddings, virginity & Indian-style melodrama

By Priyanka Chand AgarwalMovies - 07 November 2012 11:00 AM

‘All In Good Time’ : Weddings, virginity & Indian-style melodrama

'East Is East' scribe Ayub Khan-Din adapts his own play 'Rafta, Rafta'

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Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Writer Ayub Khan-Din (East is East) meets Director Nigel Colere (Calendar Girls, Made in Dagenham) to create this funny, tender-hearted portrait of family strife In England’s working-class, South-Asian communities.

Based on the popular play ‘Rafta, Rafta’ (itself inspired by Bill Naughton’s 1960s classic ‘All in Good Time’), the film is set in Bolton, England where newlyweds Atul and Vina are seen adjusting to married life while living in awkward proximity to their larger than life father, Eeshwar.

All In Good Time
Reece Ritchie and Amara Karan play newlyweds

Their honeymoon plans go awry, and life in their joint-family home (think thin walls, creaky floorboards and nosy parents) messes with their between-the-sheets bliss.

The louder than life patriarch, Eeshwar seems determined to emasculate and embarrass his son in his bid to have him man-up, which in turn plays havoc on Atul’s confidence and the strains of which begin to seep into his relationship with his new bride.

As days go by, consummating their union becomes impossible and parents, in-laws, neighbors and all of Bolton seems to be involved in their inability to lose their wedded virginity.

Although the movie draws on several clichés of British-Indian comedies, a la the nosy, neighborhood aunties; what stands out in the movie are its feel-good moments and “real” portrayal of human relationships.

Meera Syal plays the over-protective mother and keeper of secrets (you will see) with ease, and Harish Patel looks and acts the part of a more-manly than needed Patriarch. He is boorish and repulsive, yet endearing and has excellent comic timing.

The film is peppered with Bollywood tracks that key in and out based on mood and emotion, and help the screenplay along. Although ‘All In Good Time’ falls terribly short of an ‘East is East’ or a ‘Bend it Like Beckham’, it delivers what it promises – a feel good, endearing watch that teaches you a few life lessons along the way.

‘All In good Time’ opens in theatres 8 November 2012