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April Art Attack: 5 must see exhibitions

By Zaki JufriEvents - 29 March 2012 3:22 PM | Updated 12:35 PM

April Art Attack: 5 must see exhibitions

'Liz' and 'Jacqueline Kennedy III (Jackie III)'; both by Andy Warhol

Every month, Singapore’s hundreds of galleries mount new exhibitions every month — but how do you know which are worth visiting? Join us as we take you straight to the most talked about contemporary art of the moment.



小宇宙 My Universe 27, 2012 © Zhan Wang 2012 Courtesy of Singapore Tyler Print Institute

Where: Singapore Tyler Print Institute

When: 31 March -28 April

This month Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) hosts the illustrious China sculptor Zhan Wang who made a name for himself for his stainless steel sculptures of rocks or rather ‘scholars rocks,” the boulders found in several provinces around China that seem to have been sculpted by Mother Nature. For his show at STPI, Zhan recreates the chaos and aftermath of the Big Bang — assembling shattered rocks onto paper slabs to recreate celestial planes and landscapes of distant planets.


'Campbell's Soup I (Consomme)' by Andy Warhol

Warhol, Pettibone and The Art of Appropriation

Where: Collector’s Contemporary

When: 29 March – 11 May

Appropriation is a key aspect of art but more so in Pop Art, as exemplified by the late Andy Warhol who appropriated images of soup can or even Roy Lichtenstein with his comic-book style works. The subject of appropriation is explored this month at Collector’s Contemporary art gallery with its ‘Warhol, Pettibone and The Art of Appropriation’. This timely exhibition which features some of Warhol’s celebrated pieces like ‘Electric Chairs’, and ‘Campbell’s Soup; and Richard Pettibone’s  appropriation of works by well-known artists, scaled to the size of their reproductions in magazines, explores concerns that are highly relevant in contemporary art and culture: from notions of originality, mass production and consumerism to media and celebrity.


No Talking Points

Bernardo Pacquing, 'Days After Steam', mixed media, 234 x 244 cm diptych, 2011

Where: Taksu

When: 5 -26 April

Don’t miss this exhibition by seven artists from the Philippines. Bound together by their common artistic compulsion to create works that transcend the "insoluble tension between verbal and visual discourse", artists Bernardo Pacquing, Cris Villanueva Jr., Elaine  Navas, Hubert San Juan, Juan Alcazaren, Lyle Buencamino and Nilo Ilarde present a body of work across a variety of medium like minimalist trompe lʼoeil paintings, found object installations, collages and more.


Lee Wen, 'Splash'

Lee Wen: Lucid Dreams in the Reverie of the Real

Where: Singapore Art Museum

When: 20 April – 10 June

He’s one of Singapore’s most internationally recognized artists as well as one of its most controversial. Cultural Medallion winner Lee Wen, whose ‘Yellow Man’ performance art series gained notoriety for its exaggerated symbol of ethnic identity. ‘Lucid Dreams in the Reverie of the Real’ is the first comprehensive survey of Lee’s work which spans the course of more than two decades. The show includes installations, photographs, videos and documentations. Lee will also perform ‘live’ during selected exhibition periods and talk about his experiences and personal development as an artist, covering subjects such as memories and myth-making.


Homework - Beyond the Laughter

Sean Lee, 'Sergeant Slaughter', Digital C-print on Archival fine art paper, 2011

Where: Chan Hampe Gallery (Tanjong pagar)

When: 3-24 April

With eight international solo exhibitions under his belt, young artist Sean Lee shows his latest series of work, ‘Homework — Beyond the Laughter’ which blends photography and humour to elicit laughter from the viewer. Most of the Lee’s images were captured in his bedroom, a setting which served as a personal theatre for Sean to create his own living comedy of absurd situations with household items.