Art in Motion – Drawing: Show Hero

By Zaki JufriEvents - 13 May 2011 4:57 PM | Updated 21 June 2011

Art in Motion – Drawing: Show Hero

What do you get when throw artists, dancers, loads of music and tubs of paint into a blender and turn up the juice? You’ll get Drawing: Show Heroof course!

Coming all the way from Seoul, this non-verbal music and dance performance offers barrels of laughs and hours of entertainment through the simple art of painting—revved up tenfold. It’s like STOMP but with paint.

Look forward to a mind-blowing show that features animated 3D drawings, instant dust drawings, glue animation, and light paintings—all seamlessly incorporates comedy, dance, music audience participation, and acrobatic spectacle. The show comprises of three segments each named after Hollywood heroes; Superman, Chaplin and Jackson. Also keep a look out for a special painting technique that illuminates interiors and architecture in ways one could never imagine in this show.

Drawing: Show Hero is on Aug 19-21. D'Marquee, Downtown East. Tickets $28, $38, $48, $58, $68. Buy Tickets via SISTIC.