Art, Red Bull style

By Deborah GiamEvents - 08 June 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 16 September 2010

Art, Red Bull style

Art can be anything. From sculptures, collages, furniture, accessories or even something you can interact with, art is only limited by imagination and creativity.

So imagine what happens when you form a competition with no boundaries except one rule – make sure that your art work incorporates a blue and silver Red Bull can. The Red Bull Art of Can competition has arrived in Singapore for the first time, after making its rounds all over the world for the past decade.

There’s no age limit or experience needed – students to professional artists, grandparents and everyone in-between were more than welcome to participate. There’s no saying what could come out of a no-holds-barred competition like this one!

To get an insider’s perspective of the competition, inSing caught up with Mark Ong, one of the judges to find out a little more about his involvement in the Art of Can.

Mark Ong, who’s the guy to go for sneaker customizing, and has worked with the likes of Nike, DC Shoes and New Balance. In fact, his custom designs have attracted the likes of Kobe Bryant, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park, James Lavelle, and Q-tip just to name a few. So it’s no wonder he was picked to be one of the judges for the Art of Can.

Tell us – what is the RedBull Art of Can about? 

The Red Bull Art of Can is an opportunity to creatively express yourself in association with an international company that loves art, extreme sports and life.


How did you become involved? 

My wife's good friend Joe Peter (from No Average Joe) was the one who first suggested me being involved with Red Bull, he made an introduction and it turns out that one of the guys from Red Bull is an old friend and I ended up being a judge.


What are you hoping the Red Bull Art of Can competition will achieve? 

A few things – exposure for the contestants to encouraging them to keep pushing their creative boundaries; learning experiences while making the art pieces; putting Singapore on the map in terms of creativity. And Advertising for Red Bull. It’s a Win Win Win situation!


Were you surprised by some of the entries? 

Yes I was, I can’t help but get into their world while they are making those pieces. Some of them are really intricate and well-crafted. There was a lot of respect and commitment involved, not to mention some minor injuries.


Did you try making an Art of Can piece yourself?  

Nope, it didn’t excite me as much as to judge it.

The Red Bull Art of Can exhibit will be held from July 2 – 11 at *scape.



Red Bull certainly know how to throw a party, so you won’t want to miss the Gala Premiere of the Art of Can, happening on July 2. Plus, you’ll also get to attend the After Party happening at Zouk after the premiere!

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