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ARTastic January

By EditorEvents - 29 December 2011 3:00 PM

ARTastic January

Every month, Singapore’s hundreds of galleries mount new exhibitions—but how do you know which are worth visiting? Join us as we take you straight to the most talked about contemporary art of the moment.

Don’t miss:

Lehmann Maupin Gallery @ STPI

Founded by Rachel Lehmann and David Maupin, Lehmann Maupin is bringing a gallery of the best of contemporary art to Singapore Tyler Print Institute (Jan 11-Feb 11) featuring Teresita Fernández, Do Ho Suh, Ashley Bickerton and Lee Bul, offering a diverse range of art-types.

Teresita Fernández is well known for her beautiful public sculptures and unconventional use of materials inspired by perception and the psychology of looking, while Do Ho Suh has art inspired by boundaries of identity, creating a diversity of art pieces.

Ashley Bickerton combines photographic and painterly elements with industrial and create assemblages and Lee Bul is known for her inventive and intellectually provocative oeuvre.

An exhibition walkthrough with Courtney Plummer of Lehmann Maupin will be held on January 14, 2.30pm.


Kim Xu @ Vue Privée

This month Vue Privée (Jan 5- 29) features Kim Xu, known for his traditional Chinese watercolour techniques fused with Western-style oil-based techniques.

The Shanghai-based artist’s works are inspired by his life experiences and reflect his personality. His pieces depict a woman in different moods, painted with delicate strokes and intricate details. This captured the attention of the fashion world, and was featured in Vogue magazine in a special edition called “Fashion meets Art”.


Nasi Campur @ TAKSU Singapore

Nasi Campur features an eclectic mix of works by 15 local, regional and international artists.

The signature annual exhibition is known for its diverse display of arts from established, up-and-coming, painter, sculptor, photographer, local, regional, international artists and mixed media artists all in one place.

Some of the featured artists include Budi Agung Kuswara (Indonesia), Choi Jongwoon (South Korea), Joe Fleming (Canada) and more.


One Year in Timor

Timor Leste is a nation that is a four-hour journey by air from Singapore. The photography exhibition aims to raise awareness of the overlooked country, and showcase the beauty of the land and the people.

Consisting of its mountains, forests, coastline and ethnic diversity, immerse yourself in the beauty of Timor Leste at the One Year in Timor exhibition (1-13 Jan) at The Arts House Print Gallery.

Paresh Maity: A Thousand Words

Paresh Maity has won up to nine awards from a period of 1983 to 2002. Known for his watercolour painting, Maity has created the biggest and longest painting in India, stretching more than 850 feet in Terminal 3 of Delhi Airport.

Maity will present his serious of untitled paintings depicting human relationships, the many emotions that prevail between people.

Witness his colourful paintings at Paresh Maity: A Thousand Words (7-9 Jan) exhibition at The Arts House, Gallery.