ASA Holidays Power-Packed! Travel Fair – Holidays made easy

By Kevin HoEvents - 11 July 2013 11:27 AM | Updated 12:42 PM

ASA Holidays Power-Packed! Travel Fair – Holidays made easy

Missed your getaway during the summer holidays? Or perhaps you’re looking through your wallet and wondering how you’re going to afford that vacation in December. Maybe you’ve been experiencing an irrepressible surge of wanderlust and you have to get out of here right now. If travel’s your thing, then disembark at the ASA Holiday Power-Packed! Travel Fair.


For just two days at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, the deal-savvy travel fair returns for its second showcase this year on 13 and 14 July. And admission is free!

Featuring travel offers valid till March 2014, this is one promotion bonanza that will surely get your excitement soaring high above the clouds with its bundles of deals and giveaways.

And just how high do these bargains go? For starters, there’ll be 600 free air tickets to Thailand and China up for grabs, with 300 air tickets to be given out per day on a first-come-first-served basis. No fighting now!

If you havne't paid a visit to beautiful Thailand, here's your chance

Ever wondered what you can purchase with just $1? Well at the Power-Packed! Travel Fair, $1 will allow you to bring a companion (lucky fellow) to travel to selected locations around the world, including Korea, Australia, and even Europe. $1 will also allow travellers to upsize their holiday, with the generous top-up of extension nights, bonus tours, and rail tickets.

If you prefer to earn your holiday with a little competitive effort, you can take part in the fair’s hourly holiday bids which start from only $10. If you’re gung-ho enough, you might end up winning a holiday package to your dream country of travel.

Don’t hog all the pampering to yourself, give the family a treat too! The fair also caters to your loved ones with savings of up to $4000 per family. And if you have kids who love the magic of Disneyland, the fair promises packages to Hong Kong Disneyland. Not only do you get to pick your choice of hotel within Disneyland itself, your first child will get to enjoy the holiday for free, while your second child pays only $388.

You're never too old for Disneyland

And of course everyone loves the sound of 1-for-1. Choose a holiday in Asia and China, and you might just get one more on the house. What’s best is for those who can’t splurge their savings in one go, the fair even offers an interest-free 12-month installment plan to complement your stress-free holiday.

ASA Holidays guarantees that its prices are lower than those in any other fair with its Price Assurance policy, which promises that if an agency happens to lower its fare any time after you’ve made your booking, any difference will be promptly refunded to you. That certainly gives some solid ground beneath the feet of any worried buyer.

Also, what’s a fair without giveaways galore? Charge a minimum of $2500, $3800, or $5500 to your Citibank credit card and wheel home a free luggage trolley bag. Be one of the first 200 customers and grab some free shopping vouchers and goodie bags. And if luck’s on your side, you may even stand a chance to win a Mercedes-Benz B 200 or a nine-day Alaska Cruise on Princess Cruises.

Wish you were here? You wish might come true

And when you feel like you need a break from hunting for the best buys, just sit back and enjoy the entertainment provided throughout the fair. From local celebrities to martial arts performances, to even Hello Kitty and friends (who said the craze was over?), there’s definitely something for everyone here!

So if you’re keen to start unearthing your winter coats and packing your bags, make your way to the ASA Holidays Power-Packed! Travel Fair and who knows, you might just find yourself on the next plane out of here.

ASA Holidays Power-Packed! Travel Fair | Date: 13-14 Jul | Time: 11am-8pm | Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre | Tickets: Free