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Asian Artisans Shine at Children of Asia!

By EditorEvents - 02 March 2011 10:16 AM | Updated 5:28 PM

Asian Artisans Shine at Children of Asia!

 If you just can’t decide on where to bring your kids for their March holidays, why not save the money and just head down to Raffles City where an exciting arts and cultural experience awaits?

Singapore’s leading Arts company for the young, ACT 3 International, is proud to present Children of Asia 2011 for the second time. This free event will showcase performances, exhibitions, workshops and handicraft demonstrations by talents from Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Maldives, Pakistan and Vietnam who were specially handpicked for this event.

There’s no better way than cultivating a deeper appreciation of Asia than to get to know our neighbours from around the region through their art.

Here are some must-see highlights:


Silk weaving from Cambodia
Without even stepping foot in Cambodia, we will be able to witness the fine art of making silk. Artisans will demonstrate the key processes of silk making – namely knotting and weaving. The making of Cambodian silk involves a fascinating and painstaking process that uses indigenous silkworms to produce material that has a unique shimmering quality and strength. There will also be silk painting demonstrations.

Coir making from Sri Lanka
We should also celebrate and applaude the resourcefulness of the women in Sri Lanka by witnessing the art of Coir-making. Coir is made from coconut husks that have been spun into a loose rope – a fantastic use of natural resources. Spun coir is then used to make items such as mats, carpets and wall hangings. This traditional cottage industry is practiced solely by women.

Jewellery from Pakistan
Not only should we celebrate art, but beauty as well. The jewellery created by the Pakistani are gorgeous works of art. Inspired by the Moghul period, Pakistan’s jewellery pieces are breathtaking examples of exquisite workmanship. Apart from jewellery making demonstrations, there will also be opportunities for visitors to try their hand at making their own pieces.

Stone carving from Cambodia
Never  been to Angkor Wat? No worries. Renowned for its scale, richness and detail, Cambodian stone carving gained international recognition through its Angkorian temples and is much revered till this day. Check out the carving demonstrations by artisans from Siem Reap  and while traditional-style carving is still carried out, look out for the growing interest in modern stone work as well.


So shelve all your other March holiday plans and head down to the Children of Asia 2011 come 12 of March 2011!


Children of Asia 2011 is on from Mar 12-20, at Raffles City Level 3 (11 am to 9pm). Free admission.