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At the Cookie Museum

By Adeline FooEvents - 31 August 2010 9:00 AM | Updated 06 October 2010

At the Cookie Museum

Have you ever watched Sesame Street?  Remember the blue furry creature that’s always yelling ‘Cooookieeeessss’?  Well, that’s just a muppet. Me Amos, I’m the REAL cookie monster.

Yesterday, Mum brought me to visit the Cookie Museum. She wanted to get gifts for Teacher’s Day. Boy, I was soooooo excited! I thought I would be learning about the history of cookies and maybe get a chance to do some hands-on baking. I was wrong. The Cookie Museum is actually a tearoom, but designed like a museum. But the best part? It offers tours! They have guides to take you through sampling of cookies, teas and other ingenious products they sell. Psst… let me tell you a secret, cookie sampling is FREE!

So I set a target. Out of 396 cookie flavours they offer, I told myself to sample 5 percent of what’s available. That’s 19.8 flavours that Mum worked out. Well, I rounded it up. 20 different cookies! No more, no less.

I started off with the hot favourites. I had hae bee hiam (dried prawn), Hainanese chicken rice and nasi lemak (coconut rice) cookies. Wow, imagine that! It was like eating the real thing in bite sizes! I was so proud when the cute jie-jie taking us through the sampling said tourists from all over the world specially seek out The Cookie Museum to buy its Singaporean cookies. For sure! Singapore is a food paradise; even our cookies reflect our street food heritage. I asked if there were other special cookies for sampling, I was offered two more ‘seasonal’ local flavours, laksa (curry)and ikan bilis (anchovies).  Mmmmmm… they were awesome!

Next, we moved on to the European flavours. I had scrumptious English Lavender Floral cookies, exotic French Madeleine Rose cookies and some ‘I want to move it, move it’ Madagascar Orchid cookies flavoured from vanilla pods. Heavenly!

Mum got pretty full with what she was sampling. But boy, I just got started! I went on to eat almost everything on the sampling cart. I finally hit my quota when I ate a cake in a jar. Yup, it was my first time eating a Liqueur Barrel Cake, a rich chocolate fudge cake baked with oak barrel whisky in a glass jar.  Yummmmmmy! When I said I had enough, all the service staff cheered. Humph! Anyone would think that they weren’t happy with my BIG appetite. One of the service staff asked Mum politely if she was buying anything. I could tell Mum had been embarrassed with my lack of control. Well, what did she expect? She named her kid ‘Famous Amos’, what did she think he would enjoy eating?

Mum finally decided to buy their limited offer mooncakes. I whooped for joy! But Mum said that it was for my Mathematics Teacher. Oops, I had forgotten the real reason why we were there. When we left the shop, Mum was hugging a box of Drunken Durian mooncakes and some tins of cookies. I didn’t know durians could drink! Anyway, my teachers would be thrilled. Hmmm… I know just the costume to put on to brighten their day. MY DURIAN SUIT! To top it off, I will sing this jingle…

A is for Amos

B is for Bunny

C is for Cookie; that’s good enough for me!

COOOOKIESSSS!  Happy Teacher’s Day!

To make an appointment for cookie sampling call tel: 6333 1965

The Cookie Museum

Esplanade Mall

8 Raffles Avenue #01-02/04

Singapore 039802


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