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'Batman v Superman': first look at Supes, antagonist rumours

By AFP RelaxNewsMovies - 04 July 2014 12:00 AM | Updated 11:47 AM

'Batman v Superman': first look at Supes, antagonist rumours

The first image of a fully costumed Superman from 2016 Zack Snyder film 'Batman v Superman' shows off a darker look in comparison to 'Man of Steel'.

Henry Cavill's Superman in what presumably is Gotham city

Clad in familiar uniform with cape flowing behind, Henry Cavill's Superman forsakes the sunny city Metropolis for an overcast, gloomy urban background -- presumably Gotham.

Though both cities are interpretations of the same real world conurbation, New York, those DC Comics reconstructions are often held in contrast against each other, keeping our two heroes from treading on each other's turf.

With the image part of an official dispatch from Warner Bros., Latino Review broke the unsanctioned news of four antagonists lined up for 'Batman v Superman'.

So memorable in 'The Dark Knight', popular Batman rival The Joker will appear "in spirit only" for narrative purposes, if he is present at all.

Instead, superhero film fans can look forward to acquainting themselves with Victor Zsazs, a knife-wielding serial killer, untrustworthy Lexcorp publicist Morgan Edge, highly trained assassin David Cain and powerful senator Amanda Waller.

Waller hasn't been officially cast, Latino Review maintains, while the film will have Edge and Lex Luthor bound together over an old gang alliegance and Cain brought into Luthor's employ.