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Baybeats back with a bang!

By Wang DexianEvents - 12 August 2011 1:21 PM | Updated 19 August 2011

Baybeats back with a bang!

This time of year, the Esplanade gets transformed into a feral mix of alternative music celebration and festivities, ranging from anything from folk to metal.

Playing host to our very own local acts and a mix of regional and international acts, the festival which happens from Aug 19-21 this year, has become a tradition of sorts of local gig goers.

A mix of acts from across all genres can be scoped out during a long weekend, featuring music that’ll entertain just about anyone, including the shoe gazer, the electro-punk or the head banger.

Check out the highlights from this year’s auditions:

Four venues along with two festival villages will serve as the breeding grounds for mayhem this year. The stages are as follows:

  • The Chillout Stage @ The Concourse: Well, it’s quite literal isn’t it. Chill out indoors to some peaceful electronic or daze into the sounds of experimental acoustic music here.
  • The Observation Deck located at Library @ Esplanade: Have a favourite artist you’ve been dying to meet? Get up close and personal with them at the Observation Deck, where you’ll get to see them and have Q & As at forum sessions held there.
  • Arena @ Outdoor Theatre: Anything could happen here in the small little outdoor theatre including the lack of seats at the relatively small place. Arrive early to get seats for your favourite rock or shoegaze acts. If you prefer to stand though, that’s just swell.
  • Powerhouse @ The Edge: The big stage. The granddaddy. Pump your firsts along with the thundering music or join the brutal mosh pit as you revel in the music.
  • Festival Village @ Waterfront Carpark and Lawn: Mingle around the festival grounds and browse merchandise from the festival and artistes as well as products from indie labels and crafters!

Here are three acts we’re looking forward to gracing the stage at our own local music festival:

  • Buddhistson (Japan): A five piece rock band from Japan who is inspired by Buddhist teachings, art house films and books, Buddhistson performs with an ethereal backdrop of motion graphics to complement their brand of otherworldly poetic rock. You can meet them on Day 2 at the Observation Deck at 4:30-4:50pm and catch their performance at the Powerhouse at 9:45-10:30pm.

  • Seyra (Singapore): Our very own answer to soulful divas like Corrine Bailey Rae or Zee Avi, Seyra and her band’s brand of folkish acoustic music along with her raspy voice will have you and the crowd swaying along in euphoria from her catchy simple tunes. Seyra performs on Day 2 at the Chillout Stage at 7:45-8:15pm.

  • Kate of Kale (Singapore): A resident Baybeats favourite, the local punk outfit’s live show is a wild one, with kung fu kicks being sprinkled with fast beats, loud bass and screeching guitars… Kate of Kale performs on day 3, 7:30-8pm at the Powerhouse.

Rock out to the sounds of Baybeats from Aug 19-21 at Esplanade. For the complete line up of acts, venues and timings, visit for all information.

CATCH THE BAYBEATS ACTION LIVE! inSing will be streaming the first night of Baybeats (Aug 19, Outdoor Theatre) LIVE on from 7pm. Rock out to bands Arajua, Noughts & Exes, Caracal and ApartmentKhunpa live and loud.

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