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Belle From Hell: An imaginary interview with Annabelle

By Tay Yek KeakMovies - 24 October 2014 4:49 PM | Updated 5:42 PM

Belle From Hell: An imaginary interview with Annabelle

Horror-doll movie 'Annabelle' is truly a demon at the box office.   

Globally, Ms Scary Doll Face has earned more than S$213 million at the box office out of a modest production budget of just S$8.3 million, making this deal look like some kind of genius Facebook profit. This number makes the one for the other famous demon doll – Chucky of ‘Child’s Play’ – looks figuratively like child’s play.  

Over here, the movie just became the scare-fare champ at our cinemas, grossing S$2.8 million so far as the highest-grossing horror film ever in Singapore. It is still going strong as it surpasses the previous number one horror film, ‘The Conjuring’ (S$2.74 million), from which ‘Annabelle’ spun off as a prequel of sorts.  

‘The Conjuring’, last year’s spook hit, was based on the true story of a family – a couple and their five daughters – living in a farmhouse in US in the 1970s. They were so haunted by evil spirits that two famed paranormal investigators – Lorraine and her late husband, Ed – had to be summoned to exorcise them. It introduced Annabelle as a creepy doll so possessed by evil that, for safety reasons, it is locked up to this day in a glass case in an occult museum in Connecticut, which is still run by Lorraine Warren.

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Annabelle still resides there, although, in real life, the doll doesn’t look as creepy as the cinema version. It is a Raggedy Ann doll turned bad. 

However, due to Annabelle’s highly disturbing cameo in ‘The Conjuring’, audiences were piqued enough to ask: “What’s the deal with that spooky woody chick?”.

So now, Annabelle, the chiller, imagines its origins as a doll happily cherished by the pregnant wife, Mia Form (Annabelle Wallis), when her clueless doctor-husband, John (Ward Horton), gives it to her as a present in 1967.

Why anyone would want such a grotesque doll as a present is, of course, beyond the rational comprehension of normal human beings.

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But in Movie-Land, people squeal with delight when they receive such monstrosities.     

Monstrosities? Grotesque? Squeal? 

Don’t let her hear these. We’re dicing with fate here as we risk our necks to bring you a very “exclusive interview” with Annabelle, the belle from hell.          

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who created you?

Hollywood, dumbo.

Do you have a birth certificate?

Are you an idiot?  How the hell am I supposed to know who created me? I’m just a block of wood. Does a chair or a toothpick know who made it? Yeah, that’s right. I’ve heard all those stupid oversized toothpick jokes about me. I’m a doll, not a dummy.  

Annabelle on her daily scare-run. Photo: Warner Bros Singapore

Do you have any siblings?

I’m made of wood. From my family tree, I think another Woody is related to me. Woody Allen. Have you seen that fella go after Asian women?

You don’t look like the original Annabelle doll. The Raggedy Ann one that’s locked up in a glass case in an occult museum in Connecticut. She’s so cute.

You saying I’m ugly? That’s girlie Raggedy Ann. I’m Anna-Creepy-Belle. Dolls are sensitive about their looks too, okay? You think Chucky from 'Child’s Play' likes to be called Chucky? Why do you think he keeps killing people? Because he just wants to be called Hunky.   

So you have never wanted to change your appearance even if some people say you, er, look like hell?

Change my appearance? Who am I? Renee Zellweger turning into Robin Wright’s mother? Of course, I look like hell. I was dumped into a garbage can by the stupid hubby of the couple I was spooking. 

Annabelle doing some sightseeing. Here she is at Fort Canning Hill in Singapore.

How do you feel about that? Being abused in that manner?

Super p***ed off because they wouldn’t throw Meryl Streep into the dustbin, would they? But I’m a tough gal. I came back and nailed those saps, didn’t I?

Yah, you also killed a priest and scared the intestines out of many other people, including the audiences of 2013’s 'The Conjuring'. Why do you do this? Why can’t you give up your wicked ways or be more like Barbie?

Because I’m possessed, Einstein. Possessed by a demon. I’m not responsible for anything I do. Just like the guy in charge of the grass at the Singapore Sports Hub.  Barbie? You kidding me? Her chest is bigger than her brain. Can she front a major horror blockbuster like me? I’m an independent female doll making serious money for the studio, okay? You know how hard it is for a girl my age wearing a crazy bridesmaid dress to find work in Hollywood these days? 

Hey, speaking about blockbuster hits, congratulations on 'Annabelle' becoming a worldwide biggie at the box office. We heard the French had to pull it out of some cinemas in France after teenagers went nuts and rioted at the screenings.  

Aiyah, the French would riot even if the killer doll is Tinkerbelle and not Annabelle. They go nuts even over their doorbells. But thanks. Boy, since I make so much money, I really hope I get a boyfriend in 'Annabelle 2'. 

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How about Chucky?

He’s quite cute but he’s not my type. I prefer my man to not look like Jack Nicholson’s midget maniac brother being run over by a truck. Hey, you think they’ll ever make a Matt Demon doll? Man, he’s hot.  

Was it a problem filming ‘Annabelle’ since the actress who plays the wife, Mia Form, is also named Annabelle, as in Annabelle Wallis?

Hell, no. No problem at all. Every time they yelled “Annabelle”, I just sat still. If you notice, I don’t move a lot in my movies. I just sit very, very still on a shelf or chair and get carried around a lot by people. You know, kind of like a politician.

Annabelle wants to reach out to her fans in Singapore. Photo: Warner Bros. Singapore

What’s your favourite thing about the movie?

I just love it every time I make people freak out and turn into total clowns. Can you imagine a doll with so much power? Chucky, Billy the Puppet from Saw, Miss Piggy and I always laugh about it because we haven’t seen a female who can terrify people so much since Hillary Clinton. 

What’s next for you?

Oh, I’ll definitely be in ‘Annabelle 2’, whenever that is. And ‘The Conjuring 2’ in 2016. Other than that, I’m quite free and available. I’ve got some ideas of my own. A holiday horror comedy called Jingle-belle with me as a sexy Santarina psycho doll. Any film producers interested?

I would love to star with my soul sister Kristin Stewart. Beneath that "Bella" is a wicked piece of work. And she is taking time out from acting to do some arty-farty stuff. We could hang out, who knows.    

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There is another horror film coming up called ‘Jessabelle’. It has nothing to do with dolls, but what do you think about starting off a whole new trend in spook shows with all these “belles” horror movies?

Jessabelle. Isabelle. Marabelle. Godzillabelle. I don’t care. We belles need jobs. Can’t be that the only "Belle" working is the one in 'Beauty And The Beast', right? Hey, don’t you think that Beast dude was so much hotter scaring the woman as a monster instead of wooing her as a lame human? 

Where can we find you? Where can we buy you off the shelf?

Toys R Us. Severe Psycho Section. Only S$9.99 if you can scare the crap out of the customer next to you.    

‘Annabelle’ is now showing in cinemas

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