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Best stand-up comedy nights in Singapore

By Arman ShahEvents - 21 August 2012 10:58 AM | Updated 10 June 2013

Best stand-up comedy nights in Singapore

Comedy Club's Jonathan Atherton. Photo: Comedy Club


Kumar. Photo: Hard Rock Cafe

Monday Nights with Kumar

A show scheduled on a late Monday evening should not be garnering a large audience. That said, be prepared for a rude shock upon entering the front doors of Hard Rock Café just half an hour before midnight. The full house reflects how established Singapore’s favourite drag queen is, especially after performing at this venue for the past 14 years; but, longevity aside, is Kumar actually funny?


Yes. Kumar can talk the talk and walk the walk as good or even better than any woman can.

Best Joke of the Night:

Married men live longer than single ones. Married men, however, are more willing to die.

Every Mon, 11.30pm, Hard Rock Café Singapore; 50 Cuscaden Road, #02-01/03-01, HPL House; $16


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Comedy Masala

The best of homegrown talents congregate at Home Club every Tuesday night to tickle the funny bones of both locals and expats alike; but, does the audience reciprocate with laughter or heckles?


Roars of laughter. The time has come for the people in Singapore to acknowledge just how funny the stand-up comedians here are.

Best Joke of the Night:

A lot of people tell me, “Hey, stop standing outside my window and staring at me”, and I tell these people, “No.” - Collin Christopher

Every Tues, 9pm at Home Club; 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-01/06, The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416; $6 (students) | $10 (including one free drink)



Talk Cock Comedy

How can a person not expect to have a good time, especially at a show that has been aptly - yet inappropriately - titled as such. To spice things up, international acts are flown down once a month to headline Talk Cock Comedy.  Whether local or foreign, the stand-up comedians head down to BluJaz Café to do what they do best; but, is their best good enough for the audience?


Without a doubt.  Another thing you’re left without by the end of the night - even if it’s temporarily - is the set of life problems you walked into the venue with.

Best Joke of the Night:

Online dating is a great way to meet Photoshop experts. - Jinx Yeo

Every Wed, 8.30pm at BluJaz Café; 11 Bali Lane; $10 (including one free drink) | $15 (featuring visiting international acts)


Fight Comic

Photo: Kelvin Ong

Those who are familiar with Drew Carey’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” should be able to grasp the concept behind Fight Comic. For those who are not, the show features improvisational stand-up comedy. To make things even more exciting, Fight Comic pits two groups of comedians against each other in a war of witty banter.


There are moments of comedic brilliance, but those are fleeting and occasional.  All in all, there seems to be more misses than hits, unfortunately.

Best Joke of the Night:

10 Reasons Why Immortality is a Shit Idea: Because if women hit menopause after 45, what do we have to live for after that? - Sharul Channa

Every Thu, 9pm at BluJaz Café; $10

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