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Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son

By InSing ContributorMovies - 11 March 2011 1:54 PM | Updated 5:20 PM

Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son

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Rating: 1 out of 5

The stars:
Martin Lawrence, Brandon Jackson, Jessica Lucas

The story: FBI Agent Malcolm (Lawrence) and son (Jackson) dress up as women to infiltrate an art school for girls in order to retrieve a hard drive that contains information about a Russian gangster.

The Buzz: It’s the second sequel to the reasonably successful Big Mommas franchise. Joining comedian Martin Lawrence is Brandon Jackson, who made a reasonably good impression as the sidekick in The Lightning Thief. thinks: Doubling the heavyweight cross-dressing doesn’t mean double the fun in this sequel to Big Mommas, not that the previous two instalments were that much good anyway. With comedian Brandon Jackson playing his son Tyler, Martin Lawrence puts on the fat suit once more (and without much hesitation) and tries to get laughs desparately.

Too bad that this comedy doesn’t have much filling. There are too many ingredients crowding out the laughs, including a sloppy romance between Tyler and one of the students in the school, played by Jessica Lucas. Big Momma also becomes the target of adoration from the school’s rotund janitor, and that too, produces little humour, even as Momma becomes an advice-dispensing housemother who helps solve the problems all the teenage girls in the dorm have.


A lot more laughs would have been needed to salvage this unasked for sequel. Also missing is Nia Long from the first two movies, who probably got wind of the script and its stink.

Lawrence gets one killer line about KFC and that’s about it, and all the fat jokes that are recycled and reused should have been buried in the first film. Some of Lawrence’s YouTube clips have been way funnier than this supersized, undernourished effort. We suggest you check them out rather than paying for this waste of talent.