Blockbuster feature: Inception

By Ivan TeoMovies - 16 July 2010 10:00 AM | Updated 10:26 AM

Blockbuster feature: Inception

Consider this: stealing secrets from deep within the subconscious mind while you are dreaming. The latest movie from Christopher Nolan tells a tale of sophisticated corporate espionage where a team of specialists are tasked to steal deep seated secrets as well as plant ideas in people's mind. Stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe.


Inception Review

Inception doesn’t just play around with chronology, it’s a film structured in an extremely unique way, designed deliberately to tell an extremely unique story. Getting your head around the framework of Inception isn’t too difficult as the internal rules of logic are explained very clearly – you just have to pay attention, which is something audiences may be unprepared for in this season of brainless of action flicks.

Notwithstanding its intellectual elegance, Inception is also harrowing, brutal and heartbreaking. After all, the conceptual complexities of this mind bending universe wouldn’t be half as interesting without heavy emotional grounding.

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Inception Prologue comic book
Written by Jordan Goldberg, and featuring art by Long Vo, Joe Ng, and Crystal Reid, Inception: The Cobol Job tells the story of the job that Cobb (the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film) and his team take on, which leads to the opening of the feature film.

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