Blockbuster feature: Prince of Persia

Movies - 28 May 2010 2:00 PM

Blockbuster feature: Prince of Persia

There's plenty of excitement when a wildly popular game comes to life, and there's no exception with the Prince of Persia. Here's your chance to find out and see everything about the movie!



Prince of Persia Review

If you enjoy watching Jake Gyllenhaal, the Oscar-nominated dramatic actor newly remodelled as an action star, complete with a practised British accent befitting sixth century Persia, then this movie is for you.

He hogs the majority of the roughly two-hour screen time, and can be frequently seen leaping from wall to parapet, parapet to wall, evading enemies, sweeping up a ravishing beauty, avenging his father’s death, and saving the world in the bargain.

And yes, ladies, he takes off his shirt, too.

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Interview with Jake Gyllenhaal
I wish I were British!

Speaking to at a media session during the WonderCon convention in San Francisco in April, the director jokingly made a pained face as Gyllenhaal talked enthusiastically about going Brit.

“Now, I wish I was British, because I feel like I’m British enough with my accent,” he said, glancing at Newell, who simply shrugged, drawing laughs from the assembled press.

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Prince of Persia London Premiere

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Photo Gallery

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