Blockbuster feature: Toy Story 3

Movies - 17 June 2010 3:12 PM | Updated 3:15 PM

Blockbuster feature: Toy Story 3

They were fabulous in the first two films, so it was only natural for the toys to come back in Toy Story 3. With new friends and new adventures, what are they up to this time?





Toy Story 3 Review

It is poignant without being maudlin, funny without pandering, and thrilling without the need for clumsy 3-D effects that cheapen the experience. In short, it was a deeply life-affirming, entertaining and simply delightful movie.

The plot centres around the fate of Andy’s toys, Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen), and the remnants of the gang. As Andy has grown up – he’s now 17, on the verge of college – a number of his toys have also been given away.

The lack of being played with, the first source of insecurity for a toy, and the fear of being thrown away and neglected, the second source of insecurity, plagues this group. Though Woody tries to keep spirits up, he knows the day will come when they are eventually abandoned – be it in the attic or in the trash heap.

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New characters from Toy Story 3

There’s always a little kid in all of us – and we’ll never get sick of playing with toys!

Especially not when they come from the wonderful Pixar world of Toy Story. With the third instalment of the movie hitting the big screens soon, here are some new characters to watch out for.


Pixar Perfect - Behind the scenes of Toy Story 3

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