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Bring The Bass: Skream & Benga

By Zaki JufriEvents - 03 January 2012 12:14 PM | Updated 16 January 2012

Bring The Bass: Skream & Benga

  Skream & Benga (Scion AV) by ScionAV

Whenever Oliver Dene Jones and his partner in crime Adegbenga Adejumo hit the ‘Play’ button on their wheels of steel, a barrage of bass related chaos ensues.

The pair, who go by their alter-egos Skream & Benga have worked together for more than a decade and are hailed as the pioneers of the dubstep genre. They’re responsible for some of dubsteps’s biggest releases and their international acclaim has earned them sets at the largest music festivals around the world. They will be holding court at Zircaon January 13 for first ever live gig here.

For the uninitiated, ‘dubstep’ is part of the South London-born electronic music revolution that's an evolution of the ‘UK Garage’ genre and a close cousin of British hip-hop offshoot called ‘Grime’. Filled with syncopated beats and its distinctive wobbling bass rumble, dubstep is an amalgamation of reggae, techno and industrial rock that evokes a futuristic dystopia.

When it comes to busting out heart-stopping bass-filled histrionics look no further than the pair. Childhood pals from the same South London neighbourhood of Croydon, both Skream & Benga have been producing music since they were 15!

In 2006 Skream released his debut album ‘Skream!’ and followed this up by ‘Outside the Box’ in 2010, while Benga released his debut album “Diary of An Afro Warrior” in 2010.

Skream & Benga are also part of the dubstep collective ‘Magnetic Man’ along with fellow dubstep producer Artwork. The group released a self-titled album in October 2010. Within the past few years, they’ve created huge waves on the dance music circuit, with their solo projects and also with Magnetic Man.

So don't miss this gig if your music tastes are on the left-field side of aural spectrum.

Skream & Benga will tear the house down on Jan 13 at Zirca. Tickets available at the door.