BTOB: The new K-pop kids on the block

By Farhan ShafieEvents - 25 May 2012 4:47 PM | Updated 28 May 2012

BTOB: The new K-pop kids on the block

Dressed in sparkly jackets and sequin tops, with jet-black boots and funky hairstyles to match, the seven members of BTOB were clearly out to impress.

And with good reason too. The rookie Korean vocal group was formed barely two months ago. BTOB, which stands for Born To Beat, debuted on 22 March 2012, and their self-titled first mini album was only released this past April.

Here in Singapore to promote their debut and also hold an autograph session for the fans, Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Sungjae, Hyunsik, Changseob, Ilhoon as well as Peniel were all smiles as they greeted the press for an exclusive media session.

When asked what set these them apart from other Korean boy groups, bandleader Eunkwang confidently replied, “Each member has a different taste in music and this can be reflected in our songs and upcoming albums that we’ll release in the near future.”

Indeed, the band’s versatility is evident in tracks like ‘Insane’ (hip-hop dance number) and ‘Imagine’ (piano-driven pop ballad) but it is the new single ‘Irresistible Lips’ that has had fans swooning.

In the official MV, vocalist and rapper Minhyuk shared a memorable kissing scene with Korean actress Seo Woo, and it became a hot topic during the press conference.

Minhyuk, clearly blushing, revealed, “I was really nervous at first but once we started filming, I was totally immersed in the character and I only remembered being very into it.”

Despite being a relative newbie to the K-pop music scene, BTOB would be heartened by the high interest here that their trip to Singapore garnered. With nearly 300 fans waiting at the airport to catch their arrival, the boys certainly didn’t expect such a welcoming reception.

“Honestly, we are all very shocked at the amount of support we have here in Singapore. A lot of fans welcomed us at the airport although we are a rookie group,” Hyunsik exclaimed.

Added Peniel, “We didn’t expect that many people to come and we’re really thankful. It’s an honor to be able to perform in Singapore.”

Minhyuk summed it up aptly, “We love Singapore!”