Butter Factory is closing for good: management

By Ang Jia YunEvents - 03 October 2014 12:00 PM | Updated 9:33 AM

Butter Factory is closing for good: management

It has been confirmed that nightspot The Butter Factory will be officially shutting its doors on 3 January 2015.

Rumours that it will be relocating to a different venue are false, said the management in a press statement on Friday.

Last month, The Butter Factory uploaded a post on Facebook that bid farewell to their fans, garnering masses of comments protesting their decision.

It was reported that co-founder Tan Eu-Yen failed to “reach an agreement” following a rent dispute with their landlord.

“Smart move, stop paying crazy rental to the landlords. You move, we move,” Facebook user “John Tan” commented, and acquired support from fellow onlookers.

While the team might be in the midst of conceptualizing a fresh concept at a new venue of choice, it will be non-related to the original nightspot.

With nine years under its belt, The Butter Factory is shutting its doors with a bang, with its Official Closing Party in the same week following their New Year’s Eve party. Leading up to that, the club will also be hosting a string of parties to commemorate their impact on the local scene, including final edition popular club nights, annual festive parties and finale nights.

Some examples include their last “Booty Call” party with the Little Black Dress on 4 October and final Christmas party “Santamental” on 24 December.

Fans of The Butter Factory can show their continuous support to the club further by participating in their social media campaign “#goodbyeButter / #ButteredforLife”.

Using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, clubbers are encouraged to reminisce on their best moments there by uploading photographs with the witty tagline “The Butter Factory: Best Night I Can’t Remember!” accompanied by the respective hashtags and “@butterfactory” tag.