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Catch 'Attack on Titan' marathon this weekend

By Florey DMMovies - 14 September 2015 12:00 AM | Updated 10:57 AM

Catch 'Attack on Titan' marathon this weekend

11 Sep – Though it's only been a month since its release in Singapore, "Attack On Titan – Part I" has successfully become the number one Japanese blockbuster at the local box office.

As of 8 September, the movie has managed to amass more than SGD818 thousand, according to a press statement from Golden Village, making it one of the top grossing Japanese blockbusters in recent years.

It is also the first-ever movie to be screened with dual rating simultaneously in local cinemas. The uncut version is given an M18 rating while the edited version for younger audiences is given an NC16 rating.

Fans who can't get enough and are looking forward for more will be able to catch both the movie and its sequel "Attack On Titan II: End Of The World" at selected GV cinemas next weekend.

The sequel is slated for release later this months but fans will get to enjoy a premiere of it during the "Attack on Titan" movie marathon, taking place as shown below:

• GV Plaza, 18 September (Friday)
• GV Tampines, 19 September (Saturday)
• GV Yishun, 19 September (Saturday)
• GV Katong, 19 September (Saturday)

"Attack On Titan – Part I" tells the story of Eren, Mikasa and Armin who join the Survey Corps - an elite team specialising in killing titans - in order to kill every single titan as a revenge for mankind.

Due to the positive response, the movie's upcoming sequel "Attack On Titan II: End Of The World", which picks up where the first movie ends with the revelation that Eren is able to transform into a powerful Titan, will come to local cinemas this 24 September.