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China’s Imperial Awakening

By EditorEvents - 13 July 2011 9:53 AM | Updated 3:39 PM

China’s Imperial Awakening

Singaporean photographer, Stefen Chow has a new exhibit at Vue Privée. Titled Imperial Awakening, Stefen explores China’s meteoric rise in global economic and political power and juxtaposes it against the nation rich Imperial past. Through his photography, Stefen sheds light on the rich history that goes as far back as 5,000 years and seeks to present an understanding of a possible imperial rebirth.

The exhibition is now on at Vue Privée until July 31 on Thursdays to Sundays only at 12pm to 8pm. After attending the event, make sure to take a photograph of any photo at the exhibition and post it on Vue Privée’s facebook wall here with your reaction in 2-4 sentences to win a smaller print of the photo worth $200. There will only be one winner, so act on it.

Vue Privée is located at 20 Cairnhill Road.