Christian Bale could play Moses for Ridley Scott film

By AFP RelaxNewsMovies - 19 March 2013 10:51 AM | Updated 30 December 2014

Christian Bale could play Moses for Ridley Scott film

According to, Fox studios is wooing Batman actor Christian Bale to star as Moses in Ridley Scott's biblical movie 'Exodus'.

After Charlton Heston in 'The Ten Commandments' (1956), it could now be the British actor's turn to play the prophet who led the Hebrews out of Egypt. Talks have just begun and nothing has yet been signed between the actor and Fox.

However the studios would like to hurry work along on its biblical opus to take advantage of the fact that rival project 'Gods and Kings' by Warner Bros. has fallen behind schedule. The movie recently lost its director Steven Spielberg but Ang Lee, who won the 2013 Oscar for Best Director ('The Life of Pi'), could be brought in to replace him.

Christian Bale will star in Terrence Malick's next two films. He is currently filming the next David O. Russell movie with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.