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Concert review: Katy Perry's 'Prismatic World Tour'

By Zaki JufriEvents - 12 May 2015 3:48 PM | Updated 4:10 PM

Concert review: Katy Perry's 'Prismatic World Tour'

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Perhaps the 3D “prism vision” glasses were a good thing after all.

If not, how else would one enjoy the barrage of laser lights, neon inflatable bottles of champagne, confetti, pyrotechnics and cat costumes?

The glasses (an eye-popping kaleidoscope of colours for the wearers) were either a welcome distraction or a necessary enhancement for singer Katy Perry’s almost two-hour spectacle at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Monday night (11 May 2015). 

Katy Perry | Photo: Aloysius Lim


That is not to say that the Singapore leg of Perry’s ‘Prismatic World Tour’ is bad; it is entertaining and a feat of a production. 

Over the years, Perry has nurtured a brand image that is big on schtick with an irreverent personality, evident in her music videos – like a female Willie Wonka producing sugarcoated (and deceivingly sexualised) musical treats for her devotees.

And this over-the-top aesthetic forms the foundation of her current tour. 

Beyond the noise, you kind of wonder if there is any depth to that sequinned veneer.


Katy Perry | Photo: Aloysius Lim

To overthink a concert like this is beside the point, you just have to tamp down your expectations and enjoy it like a popcorn film blockbuster – like everyone else.

Perry, clad in a glittery dress with LED-trim and backed by neon-clad Roman warriors/dancers, launched into her hit song ‘Roar’ off her latest album ‘Prism’.

She performed nearly all the tracks from ‘Prism’, as well as favourites from ‘Teenage Dream’ and 2008's ‘One of the Boys’. 

This being a Katy Perry show, her set designers went to town to outfit the stage with bigger and more outlandish spectacles – from the Egyptian pyramid and giant golden horse for ‘Dark Horse' and ‘E.T’, to the nod to Broadway during the ‘Cats’-themed ‘Hot N Cold’.

Katy Perry | Photo: Aloysius Lim

She even gave a shoutout to the upcoming Singapore Fashion Week happening 14 to 18 May, before launching into a mashed-up cover of Madonna's ‘Vogue’ with her own ‘International Smile’.

A fan called Ryan even managed a selfie with the pop star on stage and taught her some local Singlish phrases. Perry gamely attemped "ni hao" (Chinese for "How are you") and "kam xia" (Hokkien for "thank you"). 

Perhaps one of the best moments of the show was when Perry slowed things down and strummed an acoustic guitar for stripped-down versions of ‘The One that Got Away’ and ‘Unconditionally’ – and the whole arena lit up with smartphone lights that illuminated the giant butterflies flapping around the larger-than-life garden setting.

#KatyPerry goes #Broadway and pay tribute to #Cats in #HotNCold #ThePrismaticWorldTour @sgsportshub

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That was when audiences heard Perry in her element, as her strong vocals took centrestage without the cacophony of costumes and spectacle.

It is difficult to imagine that the bumble-pop princess, who shot whipped cream from her bra in her music video, is only turning 30. 

Shortly after, the stadium transformed into a disco party with the house-inflected ‘Walking on Air’ and the party-hearty medley of ‘This is How We Do’ and ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)’, which saw her and her dancers drive down the runway in a convertible while giant balloons floated towards the audience. 

‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘California Gurls’ anchored the finale, and ‘Firework’ during the encore rounded up the night.

Posted by Zaki Jufri on Monday, May 11, 2015

For most of the tweens in the audience, Perry must have been perfect, her saccharine-sweet numbers leading them to a sugary high.

“This is the best concert I’ve ever been to,” gushed 14-year old Joana Lewis who attended the concert with two of her friends and mother.  “I have been waiting to see her all year and she did not disappoint.” 

Earlier in the evening, Perry promised to return to Singapore for all her tours, and her followers will surely hold her to her word.