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Cool holiday fun for the kids!

By Ninart LuiEvents - 12 March 2010 12:00 PM | Updated 16 September 2010

Cool holiday fun for the kids!

As the much-needed mid-term break descends upon our doorsteps, here are some fun, unconventional ideas to entertain your kids by allowing them to follow their passions or nurture that latent interest.

No more fear of mundane afternoons spent wondering what to do next, our guide to themed day outs are sure to inspire, excite and stimulate the minds of your young ones.


Escaping the heat is at the top of everybody’s minds these days with temperatures soaring way above what is deemed comfortable, even in the tropics. Is the heat driving your kids (and you) batty? Luckily for us, modern technology allows us to savour the thrills and spills of a winter wonderland, even if we can’t exactly cough up the cash to jet off to the Alps at a moment’s notice.

Beat the sweltering temperature by hitting the slopes and learn how to ski or snowboard at our island’s only permanent indoor snow centre, Snow City.  Your kids can experience real snow, a sub-zero climate and even a three-storey high snow slope! Build a snowman, carve snow angels on the ground or have a snowball fight right here in tropical Singapore.

Alternatively, uncover your budding Kim Yu-Na by bringing your kid ice-skating (read about our guide here). This graceful sport which is enjoying increasing popularity recently can teach your kids balance, technical competence and a good sense of rhythm. And what better way for proud parents to show off their kids – as they emerge on the ice graceful as swans.

Should you decide to leave the sport to the experts, gather up the entire family and troop down to catch the limited-run-only Disney on Ice, where your kids can spend a few enjoyable hours in air-conditioned comfort joining Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto as they embark on an adventure through the park. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to relive that bout of childhood nostalgia together with your kids.


Beach Bunny

Kids being kids, sometimes there is no stopping your little tykes from wanting to roam outdoors. Turn the situation to your advantage by making a family day down by [email protected] Splash (, which is quite different from what most of us remember it to be.

Work up an appetite with a whole host of child-friendly activities: A kids' play club, golfing for the whole family, and inline skating (instructors are on hand to teach both parents and kids). If you want to maximise the most out of your beachside location, walk out a little further and rent bicycles for a breezy ride.

If the heat does prove to be intolerable after a while, duck into one of their many F&B outlets or miniature indoor golf course where the huge colourful slides used to be. The playground area lets you and the kids enjoy a wide range of cuisines while keeping them occupied. Just choose from fast food outlets to al fresco seafood dining.

For a more relaxing option Daddy and Mummy can also appreciate, the whole family can get a manicure or pedicure done at the nail salon. Or chill out at the coffee joints and enjoy a few relaxing hours by the sea.


Walk Like an Egyptian

If mummies and tombs fascinate your kids, let them uncover the weird and wonderful world of Ancient Egypt to his heart’s content at the National Museum’s stellar exhibition Quest for Immortality - The World of Ancient Egypt. Rich in Egyptian culture and history, the exhibition is also set up in a way that your child feels like he is actually entering an ancient pyramid, with clever display units and Egyptian hieroglyphs covering the walls.

The mummies are truly the stars of the show and well worth the visit alone, but don’t miss the other artefacts on display which provide wonderful insight into ancient Egypt’s attitude to life and afterlife (Read all about the exhibition in our guide here.)

For budding archaeologists keen to find out more, the Museum has also specially arranged for interactive workshops themed around the exhibition to cater to different age groups of children. Your kid can choose between the Explore! Ancient Egypt Workshop (suitable for children ages 7-9 or 10-12) or the Blast from the Past Interactive Tour .


Culture Chameleon

Are your little ones born actors? Do they love being the centre of attention? If you’ve answered yes, head down to Child Size (suitable for children ages 3-7).  Organised by Act 3, the festival is dedicated to nurture the hearts and minds of little thespians. It also promotes familial bonding as they move about exploring innovative art forms, as well as try their hand at interactive workshops.

On top of this, Act 3 also has themed Aesop’s Fables Holiday Theatre Workshops for those bitten hard by the acting bug – All Creatures Great and Small (suitable for children ages 3-4), and Howling Good Time (suitable for children ages 5-7). Great for confidence boosting and developing self-expression, especially at this tender age.

On the other hand, if your kids prefer to appreciate theatre from the comfort of their seats, take them to Ollie and the Slurge - an environmentally-friendly children’s play that both entertains as well as educates children on the importance of environmental conservation. Find out how members can receive a special discount on tickets by clicking on the event link now! 


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