Corrinne May on $50m and motherhood

By Elynur SaadEvents - 29 June 2012 6:28 PM | Updated 02 July 2012

Corrinne May on $50m and motherhood

Photo / Zaki Jufri

If Corrinne May had $50 million to fund her music career, she would buy a piano. Yes, a grand piano in fact, and “maybe a really cool guitar” before renovating her studio and travelling around the world.

Given such a lavish opportunity, May said that she would “take a trip perhaps and just try to reconnect and just get some new song ideas.”

“But the piano would be high on my list” she assured at the Rhythm With Nature media conference this afternoon, 29 June.

May will be holding a concert on 30 June as part of the official opening of Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s next iconic landmark. Her gig tomorrow will also mark a much anticipated return from a four-year hiatus she took to look after her daughter, Claire, who is now three.

The chicken rice addict said she is elated to be back in Singapore since being based in Los Angeles for her music. May exclaimed that she was “really excited” to be the first local artiste to perform at Gardens by the Bay and described the garden “a beautiful venue”.

“It’s a wonderful setting to reflect and to just think and to be. It opens itself for reflection and I think it goes well with music. Usually a venue will affect the way you feel about the music and how you portray it,” said the 39-year-old who was clad in an elegant floral dress much suited for the venue.

Jason Mraz and Corrinne May

Corrinne May with Jason Mraz at the Rhythm with Nature media conference. Photo / Zaki Jufri

May’s latest album Crooked Lines, which was just released in March, has already gone Gold right here in Singapore. The local songstress has made it to the number one spot on local charts for four consecutive weeks, even beating Madonna’s MDNA album.

In response to her most recent success, May said, “I’m really quite humbled by that and quite happy. I’m glad to know that the listeners are really supportive of the music that I make and it’s great.”

With Crooked Lines being the first record May has released since giving birth to her first child, she spoke about motherhood and of Claire as being one of her greatest inspirations.

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“I find that I look at things with a more child-like wonder through her eyes. She will focus on something like the moon, or a butterfly, or flower and she would notice it in things that I wouldn’t notice. Like even in the daytime sky, when you usually wouldn’t notice the moon, she would look up and say ‘Mama, the moon!’ She notices these things so it’s amazing.

“She brings such joy to my life. And I never knew that joy before so it’s something that has really helped me to grow as a person and I hope that it translates to the songs as well,” she added.

There’s a reason why May is dubbed Singapore’s very own Sarah McLachlan so grab tickets for her concert tomorrow at The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay if you haven’t done so already.

Corrinne May sings for Rhythm with Nature on 30 June at The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay. Tickets $45 from Sistic.