Deep-sea creatures surface at ArtScience Museum

By Shah NairEvents - 01 April 2015 12:00 AM | Updated 19 May 2015

Deep-sea creatures surface at ArtScience Museum

Immerse yourself in a world full of bizarre creatures, mysterious and beautiful all at once.

American submersible, Johnson Sea Link-1, from The Harbor Branch Research Institute | Photo:  Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution 

This June, at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, you will get to see deep-sea creatures without having to dive, thanks to an exhibition featuring extremely rare specimens curated from marine expeditions.

'The Deep' exhibition will run for a limited period from 6 June 2015.

Claire Nouvian, curator of the exhibition, first started gathering international samples of these magnificent marine organisms via research expeditions conducted by oceanographers over the last two decades.

The first exhibition was launched in 2007 at the Natural History Museum in Paris, France. Now, more than 40 specimens will be on display for the first time in Southeast Asia here.

While the diversity of ocean life is to be admired (keeping in mind just 10 per cent of the world’s seafloor has been mapped so far), it is also the challenge of conducting research at incredible depths of 4km that should be the other main takeaway for visitors.

Honor Harger, executive director of ArtScience Museum, said: “We hope to help raise public awareness about the fragility of these deep-sea ecosystems, and how important it is for us to take action to conserve them.”

The exhibition will be structured into eight zones, with a unique, pitch-black environment to help create an immersive experience.

The jewel of the show is the display of the rare deep-sea animal species, which gives visitors the chance to have direct and unforgettable contact with these otherwise distant specimens.

ArtScience Museum presents 'The Deep' | Date: From 6 June 2015 | Time: 10am-7am | Venue: ArtScience Museum, 10 Bayfront Avenue | Tickets: $18 (adult), $8 (child aged two to 12), $11.80 (senior citizen) from Marina Bay Sands website