Della Ding Dang: Be prepared to scream!

By Daniel AngEvents - 27 August 2012 9:49 AM | Updated 10:17 AM

Della Ding Dang: Be prepared to scream!

Award-winning Chinese singer Della Ding Dang (丁当) is known for her singing prowess, wide ranging pitch and emotional performances, especially when belting out ballads.

The Zhejiang-born singer left home to fulfill her dreams in 1999 with a shoulder bag and her voice, and eventually rose to fame in 2009 with her hit track ‘I Love Him’. The song was also named the top KTV song of the year in Taiwan that year. Fans of Della will also be familiar with her other hit songs ‘Unable to Guess’, ‘I’m a Little Bird’ and ‘Run Away from Home’.

One of Della’s wishes is to sing a duet with pop-rock Taiwanese singer Shin (), also known for his powerful vocal range. Her opportunity may come when the two of them, with Paul Wong (黄贯中) from Hong Kong and Gary Chaw (曹格) from Malaysia, will headline the Guinness Arthur’s Day Concert taking place in Singapore this September. speaks to Della to find out more about this concert and her experiences in Singapore.

What kind of surprises can we expect from you in the Guinness Arthur’s Day Concert?

I will be performing with my house band, so expect energetic songs you can dance along to. This is an opportunity I value ― I do not get many chances to perform live in Singapore, and it is even rarer for us fellow Asian singers to gather together.

Other than Shin whom you are more familiar with, Paul Wong and Gary Chaw will be performing with you. How do you feel about this collaboration?

To tell you the truth, I am very excited to meet Paul Wong! I have been a fan of the band he was a member of, Beyond, since my student days, and one of my favourite songs to sing at the KTV is their hit song ‘Beyond the Ocean’ (海阔天空). We have met backstage at some performances, but never performed together. As for Gary, I am a huge fan of his voice. His vocal range is unbelievable and he brings so much power in all his songs.

Della丁噹(feat.嚴爵)-偷偷的愛 MV -真心請按兩次鈴 片頭曲

If could sing a duet with one of these guys, who would it be? What song would you choose?
My vocals should match well with Shin’s, and we both love to challenge ourselves in the high notes. I would pick his ‘One Night In Beijing’ (北京一夜). It is such a challenging song, especially for the female who needs to sing operatic parts and act in different roles.

You have been to Singapore for a few times. What is your must-visit place on a day off here?

East Coast Park definitely. Being close to the sea gives me a sense of peace.

Have you tried the seafood at East Coast?
Yes, I loved it! Especially the black pepper chilli crab. It’s so … huge. We do not get to eat such big crabs back home and I enjoy savouring the fleshy thick meat.

What other local delights do you enjoy?

Char kway tiao and bak kut teh are my must-eats whenever I come to Singapore.

What would you like to tell your fans in Singapore?
The interactivity I have with fans, their singing-along is what I appreciate most. You can be assured I will give my hundred percent for the Guinness Arthur’s Day Concert. I am feeling high just thinking about it. Be prepared to scream.

The Guinness Arthur’s Day will take place on 28 September 2012 at The MAX Pavilion, Singapore EXPO. Tickets $98, $88 and $78 available from Sistic.