‘Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction’ stomps in to Singapore

By Anjali RaguramanEvents - 02 December 2013 12:00 AM | Updated 3:29 PM

‘Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction’ stomps in to Singapore

Whether you’re a dinosaur geek (or a closet one), ‘Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction' at the ArtScience museum is going to blow your mind.

From January 25 2014, Singapore will play host to the largest dinosaur exhibition to ever hit our shores. Combining four exhibitions, the 'Dawn to Extinction' charts a 600-million year history of dinosaurs from before the time they appeared on earth, to the post-extinction period.

With contributions from the renowned American Museum of National History, as well as San Juan National Science Museum and SCI! Expo at Monash University, the exhibition will be chock full with over 400 fossil pieces and 50 original artworks by artist, Peter Trusler.

Uncovering Adeopapposaurus- the fossil was discovered only recently in Argentina. It will be on display at the exhibition. 

Among the collection of dinosaur fossils are some of which are the oldest on the plant and even some that have never been seen by the public before. 'Dawn to Extinction’ also houses everything from an 18-metre long Apatosaurus to a new fossil of an Adeopapposaurus, discovered in Argentina only three months ago.

“‘Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction’ is an original and unique exhibition to ArtScience Museum. It is a perfect fit with the museum’s mission to tell the long history of dinosaurs through an ArtScience perspective, and to beautifully mix art and science to communicate ideas. With Peter Trusler’s vivid illustrations of extinct species, combined with the remarkable fossils on display, the exhibition is a result of the collaborative efforts of artists and scientists to gain more new insights into the rich and fascinating world of dinosaurs,” said Dr Patricia Vickers-Rich, Curator of “Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction”.


For the first time visitors will also be able to use a free mobile application on their smartphones called “ArtScience Museum: Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction”, that will allow them to interact with different segments of the exhibition. Within the app, there is also a game called ‘RexRace’ that allows visitors to race virtual dinosaurs. The app is available for download from mid-December.

Tickets to the exhibition will be available in December. For more information on “Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction”, please visit