Dreamworks Animation exhibition to go on show at ArtScience Museum

By Zaki JufriEvents - 21 May 2015 11:00 AM | Updated 12 June 2015

Dreamworks Animation exhibition to go on show at ArtScience Museum

The stories behind some of DreamWorks' most lovable characters will be revealed for the first time in Asia at an exhibition at the ArtScience Museum.

‘Dreamworks Animation: The Exhibition’, which opens 13 June, will showcase the work of the animation studio founded by Hollywood heavyweights Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen 20 years ago.

A marquette of Tigress from 'Kung Fu Panda' | Photo: Andrew Morley

It will highlight the journey from idea to finished film, with a focus on the movie franchises of ‘Shrek’, ‘Madagascar’, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda’.

Recent movies including ‘Rise of the Guardians’ (2012), ‘The Croods’ (2013) and ‘Turbo’ (2013) will alos be featured, as well as earlier films from 1998, ‘The Prince of Egypt’ and ‘Antz’.

There will be galleries showing the storyboards, character sculptures and reconstructions of the real-life workspaces of DreamWorks’ artists.

Expect to see more than 400 works of art, including original hand-drawn character sketches, 3D marquettes of locations and characters, and interactive displays that allow you to play with animation technology, and a 180-degree film display that takes viewers on a journey from script pages and drawings through to a fully rendered 3D world on the back of dragon. 

Honor Hargar, the museum’s executive director, said the exhibition is "all about both the art and the science involved in creating the stunning animation films for which DreamWorks is known”. 

The exhibition is curated by the Australian Cente for the Moving Image, which collaborated with Dreamworks. The show premiered in Melbourne last year and Singapore is the first stop of a five-year international tour.

‘Dreamworks Animation: The Exhibition’ | Date: 13 June to 27 September 2015 | Venue: ArtScience Museum, 10 Bayfront Avenue | Tickets go on sale 22 June 2015 from Marina Bay Sands

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition

Date Jun 13, 2015 - Sep 27, 2015

VenueArtScience Museum

Ticket PriceS$12.00 - S$27.00
 (excludes booking fee)