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Drum Tao – the superhuman team!

By Ninart LuiEvents - 14 July 2011 5:17 PM | Updated 26 July 2012

Drum Tao – the superhuman team! is proud to be the Official Online Media Partner to Drum TAO.

Can you imagine rising at 6am to run for 7km or more, followed by a bout of vigorous strengthening exercises, in total having at least three hours of physical activity all before breakfast?

Neither can we.

This is the daily routine of the drummers of Drum Tao, the super-fit team of artisan drummers who train intensively so that they can handle their 400-kg Wadaiko drums with a grace and fluidity born out of sheer discipline and dedication.

Back home in their training ground of Grandioso, the screening process is stringent. Out of the 200 hopefuls who apply each year, five are tested and only one or two make the cut to join the junior troupe. They then undergo a year of severe training before even being able to go on stage to perform.

Straddling the line between traditional Japanese samurai training and that of a commando boot camp, the effect of the intense training shines through in their performance. The drummers perform on their Waidako drums with such impressive display of power it’s easy to forget how much they weight.

In between the masterful drumming between the Waikado and smaller drums, Drum Tao also dances across the stage performing intricate choreography with impeccable timing, dressed in flowing red and black robes.

Having originated in 1993, Drum Tao has been seen by more than three million people in Japan and internationally. The name Tao is written with a single Chinese character meaning “way” or “road”.

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Drum Tao is performing from September 1-3, at the Esplanade. Tickets are $68-$128 and are available through SISTIC.