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Enriching workshops for the little ones in March!

By Lina Chan KobayashiEvents - 01 March 2012 10:36 AM | Updated 10:46 AM

Enriching workshops for the little ones in March!

Various kinds of workshops are happening this March if you’re thinking of finding a new hobby or perhaps, just going to one for fun!

ACT 3 is having a workshop for kids aged 3-6 years old for a play called “There was an Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly”. A ridiculous yet lovable play about how an old woman accidentally swallowed a fly. She continued to swallow another animal that would eat the fly and a series of other animals that she induces. The drama workshop will definitely boost your child’s balance, coordination, speech, listening skills and confidence. (12 – 16 Mar)

The Little Company is also having a holiday drama workshop on the classic Three Little Pigs. Sing and perform with SRT and The Little Company! The 5-day long workshop includes tons of fun, laughter, singing, dancing, music and mayhem as the workshop progresses. Ages 3 – 5. (12 Mar – 2 Apr)

For kids who are interested in painting and art, the Paint a Clay Gift Workshop may be a more idealistic workshop to attend! Paint on ready-made pottery and turn a boring, dull piece of clay into a beautiful piece of art with a splash of colours. What’s more, the painted art piece can be taken home as a gift to a loved one or simply a souvenir as a reminder to your child of his or her creativity.

Love personalised stationary? Well, here’s a workshop to create pencil toppers and notepads but here’s the twist: create all of that with a pinch of the Peranakan culture! Go on a tour of the galleries to learn about objects that were personalised by the Peranakans. To get in the spirit of Straits Family Sunday: Jazz it Up! Workshop, you can dress as Babas and Nyonyas too. (11 Mar)

Do you love flowers and cakes? Well, now you can make Edible Flower Cake in a Pot at the workshop! This unique workshop allows you to create a delicious treat with materials from nature. Playing with colours, scent and taste, create and share your delicious treat and floral arrangements with your loved ones. It can also be a nice way to bond with your little ones. Suitable for K1 – P6 levels. (10 Mar)

If you’d like your child to pick up a sport, why not attend theIntroductory Foam Fencing Class @ SAFRA Jurong. Teaching your kids basic fencing and motor skills using foam swords, so don’t worry if your kids often play pretend as Captain Jack Sparrow. The intense and fast-pace fencing also acts as a good workout and improves your child’s cardiovascular system. Also helps with the agility and balance of your little one. Suitable for ages 7 and above. (10 Mar)