EQUUS [R18]: A tale of worship and passion

By Wang DexianEvents - 18 July 2011 10:37 AM | Updated 11:48 AM

EQUUS [R18]: A tale of worship and passion

WIN! We have tickets to watch  EQUUS[R18], a play that questions human nature and evokes the deepest of emotions through a gripping tale of crime and passion. Find out how.

Come August, local theatre production house Toy Factory will be staging their production ofEQUUS[R18], a classic/controversial play that has been staged on English soil and Broadway as well as having won an Oscar. The list of names that have starred in this play is practically a who’s who list of accomplished actors; Anthony Hopkins, Leonard Nimoy and most recently, Harry Potter himself, Mr. Daniel Radcliffe.

A crime involving a boy, Alan Strang blinding six horses with a metal spike confounds both himself and his family, who struggle to explain their child’s actions to a child psychiatrist. An examination of the inner conflict between personal satisfaction and society’s expectations, EQUUS" will surely give viewers much thought about the struggles an individual may have with expressing himself within society.

Interestingly, EQUUS allowed Daniel Radcliffe to cement himself as not just Harry Potter, but a credible actor. He won the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actor in a Play playing Alan Strang in a 2007 staging. Perhaps it’ll do the same for Ethan Chia, the actor playing Alan in this production who is most commonly known for playing the bully from TV series Fighting Spiders. EQUUS will also star Brendon Fernandez, Crispian Chan, Elizabeth Loh, Kluane Saunders, Rebecca Lee and Walter Hanna.

EQUUS[R18] will be showing from Aug 25-Sep 3, at the Drama Center Theatre, National Library Building. Tickets are $38-$58 and are available through SISTIC.

All readers will enjoy a 10% discount for Category A and B tickets until Sepr 3, 2011. Just quote the password "InSing" at point of purchase.