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Eric Khoo and HK producer Nansun Shi get 'In The Room' for erotic film

By Patrick FraterMovies - 04 September 2014 10:00 AM | Updated 12:47 PM

Eric Khoo and HK producer Nansun Shi get 'In The Room' for erotic film

Production has got under way on 'In The Room', a high-concept erotic drama being directed by Singapore filmmaker Eric Khoo ('My Magic', 'Tatsumi').

The film is also intended to chronicle Singapore's history since independence. And the action takes place in a single hotel room with six connected stories, each one decade apart. 

The Hollywood Reporter reported that 'In The Room' is billed as a "rare foray into the sensual" for Singapore. 

Nansun Shi, one of Asia's leading producers (Hong Kong's 'Infernal Affairs'), is set as a producer alongside Khoo's own Zhao Wei Films company.

The story comes from Shi, while the screenplay was written by Khoo and theatre director Jonathan Lim.

The S$1 million picture is predominantly financed by Distribution Workshop, the Hong Kong sales company which has world rights.

Jeffrey Chan, Distribution Workshop chief executive, was quoted as saying in The Hollywood Reporter: “It’s a high-concept erotic movie. It will be controversial. But it’s erotic and serious, not porn, all about relationships and history and love, it’s very powerful.”

The stories have different angles on sex and involve couples of different nationalities. 

Singer-actress Josie Ho ('Contagion') is the best known cast member.

'In The Room' will also be Khoo's first live-action movie after 2011's animated feature 'Tatsumi'.