Eyeing The Pang Brothers

By Zaki JufriMovies - 02 May 2011 12:00 PM | Updated 11:08 AM

Eyeing The Pang Brothers

You’ve seen it in full 3D glory on the big screen last year and we’re pretty sure it gave you the heebeegeebees (us included) and no we’re not talking about Scream 4. Now you can relive all that hair-raising and spine-tingling chills again right at home. The Child’s Eye by the gurus of Asian horrors, identical twin brothers Danny and Oxide Pang has been redefining the Asian horror genre since their masterful debut with 2002’s The Eye. With The Child’s Eye, the pair takes the genre to a whole new dimension and we got up close with Oxide Pang who tells us more about the movie.


Let's start off with your film The Child’s Eye. So what kind of movie is it? How did you come up with the idea of the story?

In Hong Kong and China, it is taboo for pregnant women to kill animals or any form of “live” being and this movie is centered on this idea. The character who is pregnant has killed a lot of dogs prior; and that explains why her newborn has the face of a dog. The main theme is focused a lot on karma and retribution.


I notice that this is the third movie involving ‘eyes’. Why did you decide to make movies relating to eyes?

There is not much thought into this actually, just the notion of how you need a “special set of eyes” to be able to see spirits.


Like your previous movies, the theme of karma and reincarnation takes precedent again. What is so special or intriguing about this idea that you would like your audience to relate to?

Indeed, I wanted to really bring out the universally popular theme of good begets good, bad begets bad.


We hear that The Child’s Eye will be in 3D. When did you decide to make this movie in 3D?

It’s because now we have access to the right and new technologies that enable us to achieve it--to take the effects of the horror genre to a whole new level. Actually, even before Avatar was shown in theatres, we have already planned to do this movie in 3D. The preparation work took about 2-3 years ago and the filming about a year.


When people talk about the Pang brothers, it is always about the horror genre. Are you afraid that this will typecast you and will actually hinder you from making other movies, as everyone expects that the Pang brothers are experts in horror?

Not at all, as long as the audience continues to support us, which they have been doing so, we will continue to produce these films. Before, we have filmed non horror genre movies, like Storm Riders 2, to very good response for the audience and satisfaction on our part; hence we will continue to do what the public likes.


Are you working on any new projects after this? Can you tell us more about them, if any?

The latest is the movie The Detective 2 starring Aaron Kwok, which I executive-produced and created.