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F1 for freeloaders

By inSing EditorEvents - 10 September 2014 12:00 AM

F1 for freeloaders

If you don't want to splash the cash for a ticket, we've got some cool ideas

As the debate wages on whether Singapore should renew its Formula 1 contract, this weekend’s race is building up to be quite an event, and one that shouldn’t be missed out on - whether you’ve got tickets or not.

Here’s our F1 guide for freeloaders… You’re very welcome.  


This weekend is a good time to be a bookworm

Set up camp at… 12th floor of the National Library

The Singapore and Southeast Asia section of the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library has many gems. Perhaps, most precious of all is the huge window/wall on the left with a view of Suntec City and Marina Bay, where in turn you'll be able to catch the cars zooming down Esplanade Bridge and onto Raffles Avenue.

Top Tip: It's a library so... please make sure you maintain your decorum at all times.  Do not heckle or chant “LEWIS, LEWIS” at the top of your lungs as you spy him racing by. Also, don’t bring any deck chairs or food... this isn't exactly a traditional picnic ground.
100 Victoria Street, 6332 3255


Sneak into… the upper floors of Parkview Square

You'll have to sneak past the security guards at this art-deco building and go straight up to the 15th floor, or above. Through the windows of the lift landings, you'll be able to catch cars zooming down Nicoll Highway, past the Civilian War Memorial before they turn right onto Stamford Road.

Top Tip: This building is home to businesses such as the Austrian Embassy, so make sure you dress appropriately. 

Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Road


Have a meal… at Marina Square Food Court

The sneakiest location of the bunch, the long balcony/outdoor seating area will give you full unobstructed views of Turns 14 and 16. Turn 14 in particular, is known to be very bumpy, so you might be in great position to see a good spill or two.

Top Tip: Go early again as there are bound to be cheapskates aplenty. And of course, you'll be crazy near to the action so ensure adequate ear protection.


Cheaps buys and a great view of the circuit can be found here

Make like a car and … “park” at the 6th floor car park of Peninsula Plaza

Now, this is the location where you can wheel out your deck chairs and snacks while you take in a free view of the race. All you have to do is take the lift to the sixth floor of this office building and head towards the open-air car park once you've there.

You’ll be barely a hundred meters from the circuit, so please arrange for some earplugs. The view won’t be that great; you’ll have to squint past the leafy grounds of St. Andrews Cathedral to catch flashes of speeding machines.

Top Tip: It would be ideal if you have some friends who happen to work there. No doubt, they'll be looking to pull off the same trick, thus making this set-up way smoother.


Watch… the race on TV

This is a no brainer, and an option that the lazy, encumbered (not everyone has a domestic helper) or wallet-conscious will certainly utilise. If you're completely unwilling to walk, travel, or just simply prefer commentary of sorts while you watch the race, get on your couch, prepare your soda and turn on Channel 5 for free coverage of the race – complete with live race updates and positions to boot.


Climb… the gates and barriers

There are many of these all around the track, but that’s just part of the fun? Sure, you'll be restricted to your fleeting glimpses of race action, but you’re also getting in – if you manage – for free, so stop complaining.


Pretend to get lost… but find yourself at the Shaw Towers multi-storey car park

Once famous for its Prince and Jade cinemas, this after thought gives us much needed reason to visit it again, specifically for its 11th floor open air section perfect for viewing the race.

Top Tip: Make sure you get there early to jostle for a parapet position. You'll thank your lucky stars you did when you’re watching the cars gear down 300 kilometres per hour while exiting Raffles Boulevard before turning left onto Nicoll Highway.
Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road


The Helix Bridge is a popular spot for shutterbugs and joggers... you know what to do

Get jiggy and sweaty along… The Helix Bridge

Although a good two-thirds of the bridge is closed for the purposes of the race, it is still possible to watch it from this public bridge with a great vantage view of turns 18 and 20.

Top Tip: Arrive early at the Marina Bay Sands side well before the 8pm race time, as we expect a crowd there. Note, the bridge can hold an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 people so we expect at least 3,000 people to show up.



Drive like Miss Daisy along… the Benjamin Sheares Bridge

You might get pulled over for going too slowly but for the chance drive above F1 cars racing directly under the Benjamin Sheares Bridges, why not? 
Top Tip: Obviously, you're not going to be able to just pull over and stop to watch the race. Be satisfied with just getting a glimpse.